Mary Trump On Why Donald Trump’s Presidency Left Country ‘So Vulnerable’ 1

Mary Trump On Why Donald Trump’s Presidency Left Country ‘So Vulnerable’

In her new book “The Reckoning,” Mary Trump explores how Donald Trump’s presidency left the American experiment “on the edge of failure” and how “so much unraveled in such a short period of time.” She tells Lawrence O’Donnell that similar to how Donald Trump has never been accountable for his actions, historically “practically no powerful white men have been held accountable in America.”
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  1. There is a direct correlation between the stupidity of the maga cult and the amount of dumb stuff the Stable Genius was able to do.

    1. German- American here! And to quote Adolf Hitler” What good fortune for those in power that people do not THINK!” Obviously the GOP/ GQP does not THINK. Many Americans never understood how Germany could have destroyed itself in the 1930′ s by electing Adolf Hitler! The USA elected A-Golf Twitler!!!!! You never thought that would happen in the USA did you?????? I could see this coming years ago! Better start THINKING America! STAT!!!!!!

    2. To quote Joe Biden in a recent speech after the G7 meeting, “Americans have no rights, God given or otherwise that can’t be controlled or regulated for the common good” —“The Nazzis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety'”—— I’m also a German-American…

    3. @matthew watson not yet…but I think he actually believes a government that works for us has that kind of power over us…..The British had to learn the hard way too….

    1. Ivana said on a talk show, (I can’t remember which one since I normally don’t watch them), that the only time he got physically abusive is after he got a failed hair transplant. Why? He blamed *her* because she’d had success with it.

      Note how he didn’t blame the doctor? Typical narcissist.

    1. @stephen wedderburn if I ever use a capital it’s a complete accident even for Mary… though she’s awesome

    2. @ConspiracyClownsGFY I got her book for Christmas lol and I’ve not finished it yet. I’ve habit of reading at the wrong time and usually end up falling asleep, so I’ve got to re-read where I nodded off. But its enlightening about the rest of them. Her father was treated terribly and that in itself should have been an indication to those who threw in their lot with him.

    3. Yeah I know that feeling what I do sometimes is go to a farm and take a look at the pigs it reminds me of Mary so much especially the one that’s eating the other pig feces

    1. @mothers gauri The only qualifications needed to run for president are listed in the Constitution: at least age 35 and a natural born US citizen. That’s it. He’s an old fat man born in New York, so there were no grounds to disqualify him like there would be for, say, the Canadian born Cuban Rafael Eduardo Cruz.

    2. @Lee Valley Then why is he so skeered of Congress getting his taxes? Because his lawyers already admitted the info they contain is damaging to him.

    3. @Alexander Bemar No, God caused Trump to lose. There’s only one President at a time and the current President is Joe Biden. Christians have been failing the test and embarrassing themselves and America for years. If Trump was the chosen one, God would’ve made sure he won instead of losing by 7M votes. God obviously wanted Biden.

    4. These Trump supporting idiots are so funny,the guy scams from them,lies to their faces,demands loyalty giving nothing in return,they are really just like battered wives that still stick up for their husband’s at this point.

    5. @Diana Prince This is just like the other evidence that yall have on the man, that will jail him. One big NOTHING, otherwise he would be in jail last year, no wait the year before, um year before that, or was it that one year. Yer one of those people who fall for that one trick, (look there, space ship) and you would fall for it every time. Just sad.

    1. @K8 B exactly that’s what I’ve been saying I first remember seeing that lump of on the television about nineteen 79 I remember as a small kid then thinking like who is this puke

    2. So many of us already knew who they were. We just didn’t realize who the country was at the time Trump ran. Even that con was shocked when he won.

    1. @catalinacurio A clinical psychologist must have a doctorate in clinical psych, not just a master’s.

    2. @Beverley Ibrahim Jill Biden has an EdD, not a PhD. Mary Trump has a PhD. Both are doctorates, but the PhD is the research degree.

  2. The lies go back further than slavery. The country was founded on genocide then funded by slavery…

    1. @Diana Prince overcome and take control of (a place or people) by use of military force. This wasn’t an established nation yet, we conquered the land, totally different. This country would be Nazi Germany today if it werent for the conquering of this land, and the well established place it has evolved into today…let that sink in.

    2. @Mike – I think he’s talking about the past history of the US. No one would disagree that right now the US is one of the countries with the most oppurtunities for any race. The european settlers who came to the US (the british in the beginning) treated the natives worse than any other european colonizer in the americas. The first settlers who came to the US simply couldn’t coexist at all with the natives. They just wanted to get rid of them all as fast as possible and didn’t want them near their settlements friendly or not. Later on they had to be more diplomatic so they instead relocated them to pretty unhospitable land in the west. Heck, even now most of those cities in the four corners region wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the huge water projects in those states. The settlers from Spain while also looking for land and recources didn’t mind integrating the natives more into their society, instead of just straight up killing them. Even if it was a system where the natives would be at the bottom of the pyramid, at least they were able to stay alive. Its mainly because their was a genocide component that it is viewed as despicable, if it were just your typical war were one country takes over the other and generally stops killing people from the other side than it would be viewed more openly.

    3. @Mike – Its like comparing how the british colonized india versus the US. In india, at least they considered keeping the native population alive and using it for their own benefit ( still bad but at least they were alive). While in the US, it was more of a we can’t coexist approach and openly killed them ( even women&children when it was in the militia days).

    4. @Mike – Millions of people were already living here in tribes. The “wasn’t an established nation” is laughably ridiculous. This was the ancestral land of native, indigenous people and colonizers stole it by force and tried hard to genocide all the natives with smallpox infected blankets, etc. “Conquering” someplace means invading it, occupying it by force and stealing it. Stop trying to whitewash your own country’s history to protect your fragile fee fees.

  3. My Gawd….the only Trump with a brain ….Research goes a long way for those who have the patience to learn to see the truth…

    1. @Mark E Air Force one is piloted by high ranking officers who have 22 years or more of experience, they are from the 89th airlift wing of the USAF, Sounds like the military to me, you are ridiculously stupid.

    2. @Mark E get into reality…LAW matters and traditions mean nothing without a great president there to pass it on…that was all about the ego of one conman racist Donald Trump… It’s not a protocol a president has to follow…put the cup of conspiracy theory down and have a nice tall glass of water…I’m supposed to read about war? For what? Everybody you see here has an expiration date on their life..war or no war..get it together and try to good by others and the world…try that…for a change…then you will win any war…because the only true war is one of mind and spirit.

    3. @Hunter Roberts read the law of war manual help catch you up to speed on what’s really going on patriots in control

    4. @Earthlings United exactly you think patriots were going to let a corrupt career politician steal an election from us ? Should have never threw away those military ballots hahaha

  4. Federalist papers #76 “The institute of delegated power implies that there is a portion of virtue and honor among mankind which may be a reasonable foundation of confidence. ”
    – Hamilton, describing elected offices in the Constitution.

    I’m a fan of Hamilton, but I think he was too optimistic on this one.

    1. @Michael Dollar Exactly! They’re turning blue becasue they dont eantnto die for a bs political agenda who are using them and their families as pawns with zero care about their lives! GO BLUE!

    2. @Aw 2 It’s called science, not an aren’t important enough for someone to want to use as a pawn.. get over yourself, and with your outlook id get your things in order…just saying.

    1. She is not talking about her psychotic uncle, she talking about his psychotic supporters, ie. “The Reckoning”.

  5. The GOP knew the liar, egoistic and self centered person Donald is and they cheered him on. Mary repeatedly warned us and so did Mitt Romney. We could see the “Jim Jones” side of him

    1. @Annie Crouch but but but they said GOD sent trump to be our king..they promised …so if i say trump will be reinstated on aug 13th then im not “delusional”

    2. @Señor BeanS the true God does not LIE, The god of this world does LIE he is the father of lie. and he is a manslayer

    3. @cris akis so god gaves us king david and king trump and the devil gave us obama and i understanding you rightwing nutz good? or am i missing somethin

  6. That’s how the rest of the world sees America, exacerbated patriotism and hyper partisanship, blind faith leads people in the dark.

    1. @Daren Smith sadly for red leaners , respect means letting their harebrained schemes go unchecked

    2. Jack O’Jack How much blind faith did you have voting for Biden/Harris who barely rated 1% in their bids for presidency???

    3. @Daren Smith
      I grew up in USA and left when I was 7,
      I remember learning the pledge of allegiance before I could read or write, I remember constant flags all over the place, people with 200 American flags on their lawn, plus the slogans “God Bless America”, “land of the free, home of the brave”, “only in America” all of these buzzwords, The national anthem was playing almost everyday, there’s differently an early indoctrination. Also I feel like Americans always need a boogeyman so they can have a common enemy, when I was a kid, it was Gorbachev, then it was Saddam Hussein, after that it was BenLaden, now it’s so divided that every group has their own boogeyman, it’s getting bad.

    4. @Jack O’Jack “I remember learning the pledge of allegiance before I could read or write” …Teaching your children to chant patriotic slogans is not what a truly free People do.

  7. I like Mary…a year ago, she said, not predicted, that, “Before Trump will leave the White House, he will take the country down with him!”. And, he did just that on 6JAN21 !

    1. @Blake JonesII Wake up Blake………Your ex deity leader has finnally been voted out……AND, If You are paying attention….Many of His co-horts are facing Criminal charges…….Trump and all of His Friends are/were outlaws……..Paul

    2. Richy Cartels He DIDN’T leave the WHITE HOUSE. The New Administration is a CONTESTED ONE. Jail time for Ms Mary Trump for using her family name to disgrace not only herself but other family members. Imagine her being your psychologist??

    3. @Mighty Mouse20 – it’s only contested by the loser and his cult. Sorry, Biden IS the president and trump can NEVER be reinstated. Do members of the cult not know how the government works???

  8. Really, Anything or Anyone that gets involved with TRUMP eventually becomes a Failed Statistic…Learn

  9. The Grifter took advantage of the DNC’s huge mistake of nominating Hillary after 8 years of what was supposed to be hope and change. He won and it was “fake it you made it” exploiting cognitive dissonance. Scorched earth on the way out. Now it’s the RNC giving up trying to control the monster let loose and just bent over; “we’re still making money…so.”

    1. False conclusion there, hun. Secretary Clinton is the smartest, most experienced, public figure in our lifetime and would have been the best president in history. RethugliKKKons couldn’t handle it and obviously, you couldn’t either.

  10. I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the worst of the GOP yet, Trumpism has paved a path for those to follow

    1. Once he’s gone the dust will settle. Nothing lasts forever. Karma is backed up 5 years now and ready to release. Popcorn munch munch munch nom nom nom.

    2. Mark Henstridge WRONG. You haven’t seen the worst of your Party the Democrats Communists. I can’t wait to laugh in your faces.

    3. @Lee Valley Delusional people are known to go on all day wuth their delusional rants, I suggest you come to California and pick our fruits and vegetables for us since you don’t want migrants doing it. Nothing you said is based in facts or reality. Like I said delusional people rant about all kinds of things, Now run along and send Trump a check or he won’t love you anymore.

    4. Mark Henstridge My laugher is resounding across America when I see Biden/Harris the WORST TEAM in history represent the Democrat dopes.

    1. @Paul Dee you think these guests are free? All of these guests get tens of thousands of dollars to appear on talk shows.

    2. @Paul Dee Jealous of what? She is a PhD, making her by far the most educated person in the entire trashy family and she’s the only Trump not facing any serious legal trouble.

      Mary Trump hasn’t had to retain a private criminal defense attorney for herself like the rest of her family had to do.

      And her only book has sold better than any of the books her dotard uncle paid someone else to write. If anything, her skanky family are the ones who are jealous of her.

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