Cuomo Does Not Address State Trooper Harassment Allegation In Statement

NBC News' Tom Winter discusses New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denying allegation of sexual harassment from the Attorney General report. 

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Cuomo Does Not Address State Trooper Harassment Allegation In Statement


  1. He should be charged and prosecuted based on the proof and evidence brought against him. Fair is fair!!!!

  2. ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman , Miss Lewinsky ”
    Oh yeah what about this blue stained dress ? LOL

    1. It’s amazing how effortlessly they lie. It’s like they didn’t even begin to contemplate the possibility of being honest.
      It’s just… “Did you do it?” “NOPE.”. 🙄

    2. One thing… All of those democrat touchy feelies are with women 18+ yrs old. The republicans ala Matty, those are way too old. Republicans are still in the creep’o lead.

  3. We’ve heard it all before…”I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Bill Clinton

    1. So what? That was a consensual relationship. Creepy, but consensual.
      Cuomo “allegedly” uses his power to intimidate and harass. Just like tRUMP has done.
      Cuomo needs to step aside and resign. Democrats will show more honor and the courage of their convictions, unlike rethugs, by demanding Cuomo resign immediately.

  4. I like the man’s politics but if he doesn’t respect women he’s got to go. I’m no hypocrite.

    1. @Winston Smith it took 3 weeks for anyone liberal outlet to even address that story and NYT allowed his campaign to edit the story (out of their own editor’s mouth).

    2. That guy speaks like he has a mouth full of marbles. He gets hung up on the word and. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaand” Aaaaaaaandrew! bah

    3. @Doug Dobbs Probably more than any other story, the T arA Re Ade scandal really made me hate my party. For me, it was twofold- first of all, not covering the story as you pointed out. But then, it was all the smears against Ms RE aDe. Saying things like she’s a republican or that she’s mentally ill or that she just wants attention. I don’t know what happened to her in Biden’s office. But the democrats really showed their true colors in how they covered her.

  5. Unless one of them is named Jesus then all politicians abuse their power they can’t help but to think its ok to be barely above the laws every now and again

  6. He says he never touched anyone “inappropriately.” Listen, if the person doesn’t like the touch, it’s inappropriate.

    1. The law is very simple to understand. You keep your hands to yourself. Get it? Got it? Good. The masks offer no touchy feely protection. fyi.

    2. Listen, that’s ridiculous. What about sports and medical exams? Oh, whatever. Nuance is not something you’re probably capable of

    1. Agreed and charges for Trump for the entire 600,000 PREVENTABLE deaths of American citizens too. Awesome good one, Red Out, you’ve got it👍

    2. @R BR ~Gov Cuomo should be at the very least be charged with manslaughter if not premeditated murder.
      This sadistic psychopath needs to be taken out of power before he abuses anyone else.
      Stop voting in psychopaths.

  7. I hope everyone knows they are so loved and created with such a unique purpose by God. I pray that any anxiety, anger and depression diminishes entirely. Remember to love the sinner and hate the sin. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and the rulers of darkness. Let’s come together and unite as brother and sisters in Christ!!!! 🙏🙏❤️

    1. My understanding of the report says he admitted to some of it, but changed the facts to fit his own narrative. “yes I hugged her, but she initiated it”. That never works, it’s always sexual assault perpetrators who try answering that way.

  8. Pretty sick that he literally called all his accusers attention whores then had his supper groups try to cancel them. Both sidesof the aisle should clean these pervs out.

  9. Don’t hold your breath expecting to see him convicted of ANYTHING! We’re talking about US courts which are easily bought and paid for if you have the right contacts and the money to make it happen.

  10. Took prosecutors over 100 interviews of different women and 1000’s of texts and emails to make a move. They are very careful in stating the charges against him, “hugging”…

  11. So many of these Big Shots are just like Michael Jackson at his trial, acted like a baby in his PJs trying to get pitty. How could I have done such a thing.

  12. He’s like it’s a pandemic! Everyone wear a mask and 6ft unless I’m mauling strangers to put them at ease.

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