1. @Kris Taylor ikr Soros is a good man. Helpful. Nobody even need look further. Cause that’s loopy!

    1. @Sunny73 Every news station needs a local idiot to report on. ‘Nations clown paints his face orange and says some dumb stuff’ would just be a Florida news piece if it wasn’t for Trump.

    2. @Martin Pizzo And Nasty Pelosi and Maxine waters, AOC and Ilian Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

    1. @Mark Sotelo so I’m assuming you have a list of examples of CNN lying, along with the correlating proof of it to present a pattern and prove your claim, correct?

    2. @Pete Mitchell Bravo Mr Mitchell! I grew up with CNN and now I know I’m being persuaded and lied to. This Chris prick is so obviously over-dramatising and Not convincing. Sick.

    3. @Herculydia … sorry… Not interested in your juvenile and convenient assumptions or you. Tootz!

  1. As an outsider I see what you see! People that don’t realise that need to wake up before it’s too late.

    1. @Charles Austin good lord. Trump isn’t Hitler. Lol that’s patently absurd. He didn’t start schools to indoctrinate children, he didn’t preach hate of any race or religion, the US isn’t crushed by the treaty of Versailles. That’s totally ridiculous.

    2. No, it started in early 2020. If you don’t understand fascist tactics, you wouldn’t understand.

    3. @Communication Failure7600 history doesn’t repeat it rhymes, napoleon, hitler and trump have the same rhythm

    4. @taf actually upon some superficial examination of all three people you will find they are all extremely different with different motivations. Trump isn’t a genocidal or mass murdering tyrant like Hitler or Mao or Stalin. The last two are curiously absent from your list of villains. Those theee are socialists and communists. Give your head a shake

  2. Trump supporters forget that the ones Trump claim he was standing up against, were the same people Trump kept lavish giving tax breaks to during his presidency lmao

    1. @The Son Man Well… I guess if you said it… It must be true… Except… Wait…. No…. That’s not how reality works.

    2. @Ratzy Splatz …again, you do realize when you sound that crazy, you are making our jobs of discrediting you super easy, right?

  3. Sydney “No reasonable person would believe me” Powell speaks to a cheering audience of believers

    1. A bunch of uneducated people too… “Minnimar” lol. Did he mean “Mini bar”? or “Myanmar”?

    2. People need to stop spelling her name wrong. We need to make sure we have the right Sidney here.

  4. It’s funny how Republicans cry “the deficit” when it comes time for congress to fund something that’s actually needed, like infrastructure, yet they’re all for blowing as much money as it takes for all these non credible audits taking place all to placate their ignorant base and pass more voting restrictions.

    1. Oh yeah like Obama dropping off pallets of cash to the enemy or when Congress funds something that’s “actually needed” oh the irony of the left. Now tell us mr expert what needs to be done

    2. The term would be incredible audits, not non credible audits. Why do you think they’re incredible audits?

    1. I’d like to know how Mango Mussolini & Co.’s lies continue to proliferate and have tangible consequences months after the election… ones that will have a much longer reaching affect.

    2. @Matthew Thompson Sure as long as you’re not late for sending your donations to your favorite grifter for all the sham audits going on. You probably actually believe he’ll be reinstated in August…. sheep.

    3. @Four Monkeys Cafe – @”Fredo Cuomo did so that should answer that” – Your racism aside, your comment is BS.

    4. @Nick Tyler – @”Ben Carson also is/was a brain surgeon.. you can do ANYTHING” – Brain surgeon isn’t a job that requires “honesty” and “character” to keep your license. Lawyers are required to be honest or they get disbarred.

    5. @rek131 racism lol. how effin stupid. That was a racist comment to me, lowlife. And I doubt fredo passed, probably cheated that too.

  5. 3:17 Kristen Sinema and Joe Mancin are two people who can help stop this and save democracy but they continue to refuse.

    1. Because they think that if they help the Republicans end democracy and start their authoritarian regime that they’ll be welcomed because of their treason. When the truth is they’ll get lined up and shot just like every other Democrat when the Republicans finally cement their dictatorship.

  6. Mitch McConnell a old white man saying that the voter suppression laws aren’t race fuelled has as much teeth as a guppy fish

  7. The crazies are running a dangerous muck, at the expense of the majority of Americans, and the stability our country’s democracy!!!

  8. Mitch really is the turtle. Did his snapping turtle thang when on the Senate floor he told the truth about Trump. And then when he saw Trump’s deluded base roar back, he did his cowering in his turtle shell thang.

  9. “it shouldnt be an issue” if you are dealing with practical, empathical people who have common sense……I am as surprised and shocked as the rest of the world really

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