Cuomo: If Supply Weren’t An Issue New York Could Be Vaccinated In A Month | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Cuomo: If Supply Weren’t An Issue New York Could Be Vaccinated In A Month | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


In an interview, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says if supply of the Covid-19 vaccine weren't an issue, he would be able to have the entire state vaccinated in one month. Aired on 01/27/2021.
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Cuomo: If Supply Weren’t An Issue New York Could Be Vaccinated In A Month | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Operation Warp Speed had nothing to do with Covid-19, that much is certain. It involved the build-up to a coup attempt only.

    1. Lol Biden says we are gonna do 1M vaccines a day until he finds out The Trump administration was already doing that, now it not good enough.


  3. I don’t get the surprise, neither strategically nor rhetorically, feigned by every governor and mayor, red and blue alike. We knew _late November(!)_ that the Trump Admin had rejected _even reserving the options_ to order enough vaccines.

    1. It seems even if they were expecting supply issues, they didn’t know when to expect to run out because the Trump Admin wouldn’t tell them anything.

    2. Mr. Como do you know who owns pziser astazenica not sure I spelt it correctly or Moderna All owned by same family Rothschilds and all even flu shoots flu are all Corona virus based

    3. So Beijing biden signed a executive order. For people not to say “China, or Chinese” virus. We can say Chinese food. But can’t say Chinese virus. Lol. Like…..who does that. What the heck did yall vote for.

    4. @Andre Papillon Cite your sources, Andre.

      Other well known coronsviruses include SARS-CoV-2 / “Coronavirus” (which causes the illness COVID-19) being a virus of the Corona family, is not exactly news. It’s right there in the name. The family includes (some!) viruses causing common cold, SARS(-CoV), HCoV-NH, MERS and more. We’ve identified various coronaviruses across almost 70 years at this point.

      None of the current vaccines for SARS-CoV-2, use “deactivated” virus as means to provoke the intended immune response though. It has been a common practice for many other vaccines, but that’s not the case for these “covid vaccines”. They are mRNA and Viral Vector vaccines. They only use a *synthezised* part, _similar_ to a unique) and thus easily identifiable by your immune system) feature of the virus. It’s a bit like if you were to train a child to recognize cars and be wary of them when going out. Then you make and show the child a headlamp. It’s something fairly unique to cars, and when the child recognizes one later they know that means it’s a car, and what to do – but the headlamp cannot hurt them during the learning process. It’s extremely unlikely that a parked still car would hurt them either, but this way that’s pretty much impossible. Beyond dropping the headlamp on their toe or something.

  4. Guys at msnbc, when I listen to your shows some are having technical issues, and others like my doctor, etc I was wondering if this is being done on purpose,,,

  5. Ok Donald Trump stopped caring about Vaccines when he lost the election. He never cared about the USA people, still doesn’t.

    1. So somehow him “caring” would’ve made vaccines miraculously manufacture?
      Give us a break fake news inciter..

  6. Would this be a good point to quote the former president, when he said: “The cupboards were empty! They left us nothing!!”
    Sweet pick there, republicans!

  7. I am sure there is a facility in state that can produce the OXFORD vaccine on an @ cost license… easy to manufacture & distribute with no freezing.

  8. According to the so called experts we weren’t even supposed to have a vaccine until this coming fall, thank you president Trump

  9. Good start from the Covid-19 Response Team daily briefings.
    Science over Traitor Trump’s gut feelings and conspiracy.
    Let’s hope initiatives like Bird watch allow the public and the communities to quell the misinformation
    Here’s to Joe’s 100 day mask initiative and use of the defence protection act. Common sense.

  10. With all due respect to the good governor, your responsibility now is to streamline the process of getting vaccines that was shipped to you by the Federal government to people’s arms. From the CDC dashboard updated today, NY was supplied with 2,744,450 doses and only 1,518,697 administered. That’s 1,225,753 doses sitting around. Please find those doses and let them flow to vaccination centers. Same is true to all states.

  11. Wait last year this gentleman didn’t even want vaccines until Jan 21. Now he’s complaining about the supply

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