Cuomo questions media reaction to Trump allegations

CNN's Chris Cuomo examines the response from voters and media outlets, or lack thereof, after another woman accused President Trump of sexual assault. #CNN #News


    1. @Cheryl C the guardian ? ,in a free country you don’t have to proof innocence, if they can’t indict you the persumption of innocence is now king

  1. *Make America Great Again Impeach Donald J Trump*

    1. @RuBaron715 keep on watching fake news propaganda cnn because everything President Trump says it is twisted by them.
      Do your independent research and you will see that he is right.
      Even when you Google stuff about him IS A LIE because it is revealed that they are trying to stop him from being reelected . We are flooded by FAKE NEWS. I will vote for him IN 2020. Watch his rallies AND listen to the people in the streets and you will see that he is UNBEATABLE

    2. @Mark J. I see that you’re a dreamer, so when you wake up you should try some “independent research” cuz you screwed it up the first time around if you voted for this clown. The last one to wake up is a fool, …. are you a fool?

  2. A normal person would have said “I’d never rape anybody!”
    Trump said “She’s not my type”

    That speaks volumes.

    1. Liza Tanzawa give me an example of something specific President Trump is doing to run our country into the ground please.. I see our economy booming and more people in the United States of all races, genders and religions working than ever before.. unless those things arenโ€™t important to the success of our country in your eyes.. Oh yeah, heโ€™s a bully ๐Ÿ™„ guess what??? We needed a fucking bully!!

  3. My God. What has happened to our nation? This nut Trump should be in his 2nd month of Impeachment hearings by now. Not to mention he should be removed via an amendment 25 as well.

    1. @Asstrow Da Clown soooooooo….she’s not good looking enough to rape?!? You need to get your head examined dude. Regardless of what she looks like, rape is rape and no means no!

    2. You should say what is happening to the Media. Running fake news that obviously you believed because the nation is perfectly well. The media like C f….. NN is trying to destroy the nation

  4. Trump’s grandfather, the draft dodger, started the family fortune by running a string of whorehouses in the Yukon Gold Rush. Donald is a chip off the old block.

  5. People don’t always understand why we don’t report it. Until it happens to will not know

    1. Yes you are quite right, Rape is vilest of all crimes, the effect it has on the lives of the victims is truly devasting.
      It does not help her case that she only decided to go public because she has a book deal.

    2. Someone please tell low IQ Cuomo the reason the media hasn’t reported this much as because REAL media journalists were smart enough to know that she’s a fraud. Poor guy, Cuomo is so dumb I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. Its the folks who say, “Why did they wait 30 yrs?” Ironic. They didn’t report because of your exact attitude.

  6. Impeach, imprison, when he’s wearing the orange jumpsuit im sure he will get some bipartisan interjections!!!!

    1. What happened to Mueller? – FAKE ACCUSATION
      What happened to Jesse Smollet? FAKE ACCUSATION
      What happened to Avenatti? FAKE ACCUSATION
      What happened to Ford? FAKE ACCUSATION
      What happened to Nathan Phillips? FAKE ACCUSATION
      What happened to Stormy Daniels? FAKE ACCUSATION
      CNN= FAKE NEWs

    2. @BBB BB Mueller did his report of Trump and presented it to Congress and the people like his job description is. So now we wait for the Congress to do there job, all in good time. Respect for humanity is rare

    3. @BBB BB Your list is ridiculous. Indictments are waiting for tRump as soon as he is voted out.

    1. @Lana Kahl ffs No it isn’t unless someone has been convicted of rape. This is America you hick pitch fork swinging, knuckle dragging moron, the place where a person is innocent unless proven guilty..THE PLACE WHERE YOUR FORE FATHERS GAVE THEIR LIVES TO MAKE THAT SO.

    2. @Rabble Wolf echo chamber?, where’s the indictments?,where’s the impeachment?, oh yeah CNN keeps promising it will come ,you know that sounds alot like an echo…,never mind you guys are playing along with a false rape allegation to win an election , so I shouldn’t expect much from people like that

    3. @tedtheturbot the majority are stupid they think they are marvel superheroes when they virtue signal ,but these guys are very low paid bots ,they do exist thats why they think we are Russian bots, libtards always project

    4. @klyana130 please. Enhance your calm little one. Every men’s locker room talks like that. Take a break from Sunday school okay?

  7. Donโ€™t know anything about any payment to Stormy. Caught lying on tape talking to Cohen. Such a liar. I’m betting Donal doesn’t know who the Central Park Five are either.

    1. @dylan and blaize Cunningham trump advocated for those 5 boys to be murdered. im guessing the hypocrisy is what he was pointing out

    2. @Dayton the penalty for treason is death….seems only the innocent get killed. It looks to me that there are no principles anymore, only teams. Trump is a bad person for calling for the execution of confessed(at the time the suspects confessed, although their confession was coerced) rapists, he is so bad he should be executed for treason even though he denies colluding with Russia. I still think it’s funny that this guy mentioned the central park 5 in a video accusing Trump of rape, on a network that’s been trying to get Trump executed since day one of his presidency. Remember the penalty for treason is death.

    3. @dylan and blaize Cunningham treason can warrant the death penalty, it doesn’t require it. and during that time the mothers and alot of other activists were speaking out about the coercion and lack of evidence during before and after the trial.

    4. @Dayton colluding with a hostile nation to turn the office of president into surrogate for Putin and the Kremlin is the death penalty. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. Fact. And wasn’t there a special counsel that specifically found no evidence of collusion? Yet still, up-to this point and beyond, CNN contributors and left wing activists are calling Trump treasonous. Adam schiff, john Brennan et al have all been on national television saying Trump colluded(“there’s evidence in plain sight”), yet his family has said there’s no evidence, it’s all lies. So, what’s your point exactly? I still find it funny that this conversation is even possible. Trump is not above the law, it’s true. But he is not beneath it either, and as far as I’m concerned there was no rape, there was no collusion and I say that because everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty, not the other way around.

  8. Does anyone doubt how fast any of those 16 allegations would have ended Obama’s presidency!

    1. @1G3001 Clinton was never accused of rape. He was having a consentual affair with his intern and lied about it. Big difference between that and 16 women accusing you of rape or sexual assault.

  9. Remember Trump promised to sue the 17 accusers from 2016? And yet….nothing. If he was so upset about the attempts on his ‘good character’ he should sue. He has the money and the lawyers. It should be so simple for him to sue in order to protect his character.

    He knows damn sure that his character would be on trial and he would fail miserably.

  10. Trump will never be able to live down the Access Hollywood tape. In his own words and on tape.

  11. As a survivor let me tell you one thing. It’s not about attraction. Rape is about control, power, domination and fear. “Not my type” does not come into it.

  12. Al Franken was forced to leave Congress because he pretended to grope a balistics vest. Let that sink in.

    1. @Not Quite Right He did leave, after being forced and pressured by idiots like you who will gladly accept anything your “glorious leader sent by God” has done. There is a huge long list of people who you fools have demanded leave office or go off the air because of alleged actions buy when those same actions have occured in your own home, well that’s perfectly fine, never mind what’s taking place, it’s all good in your hood, and that’s the point I was trying to make. Republicans, always projecting their own faults and failures, hypocrits to the Nth degree.

    2. @Uncle BS shows how much you know. Few people on the right called for him to leave. It was the virtue signaling dumbasses on the left. Not one person I know had a problem with the picture.

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