Cuomo rolls the tape on GOP calling out election deniers in 2016 1

Cuomo rolls the tape on GOP calling out election deniers in 2016


Top Donald Trump campaign and White House officials continue to baselessly assert there was widespread election fraud in the 2020 election and refuse to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden's victory, but four years ago, those close to Trump mocked Democrats who didn't accept his victory as "sore losers."
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    1. Shame on trump the crying baby in the white house with his crying supporters…….. They enjoyed being racist.

    2. @Nick Jaramillo Every post you make it just gets funnier that you said you hate uneducated liars, being that you cannot form proper sentences. You sure like the word “strong” don’t you? Learn to use some commas and periods so your sentences do not require deciphering. That’s what these things were invented for.

      “You are wrong! ______ [state name of party here rather than a vague “they”] have overwhelming, actual, strong, hard evidence! Stay tuned!”

      “You are wrong! [again, state WHO, not use a vague pronoun] are [how does one strongly open an investigation vs weakly?] opening investigations into 10 states, you clueless, in-denial atheist!”


    3. @Jerb D Clear evidence? 1. This “hard” evidence is not. The video was edited and requests for unedited video from Veritas have been denied. There is no verification that the Somali was accurately translated. There is no evidence that money seen changing hands has anything to do with what Veritas claims it does.

      2. Anyone can create a video showing anything they want and post it on all social media. This does not make it “clear evidence”.

      3. Saying someone has issued PROOF does not constitute proof.

      “That’s good. The media won’t report on the clear evidence and PROOF of voter fraud so I’ll tell you where to see it:

      1. Search for Project Veritas on YouTube and see the hard evidence of mass voter fraud.
      2. President Trump has posed a video (all social media) of thousands and thousands of ballots being found in a huge dumpster.
      3. Even Fox new, which has been disgracefully prematurely calling states has issued PROOF of thousands of dead people voting – see Tucker Carlson and Hannity.

      It’s all coming out and the MSM are gaslighting you and ignoring the evidence and proof of voter fraud.”

    1. Fun fact about Miller: he slipped his mistress a drug so she wouldn’t have the baby that was his, and Republicans want to talk about “morals”

    1. @onetruebob_tj Of Course they are being dismissed.
      Wouldn’t expect anything other , Referring to Liberal Judges.
      Nor Would I expect any different from the left and MSM’ s dismissals of the Board of Electoral to Call the Election on December 3rd, as it says through Constitutional Law.
      Nor Would not expect the Left to undermine the Immense Power of the United States Supreme Court.
      So while While your Sheeple herders are pointing out the facts of Dismissal , as you clearly stated as Fact.
      They are not informing you of the fact that they are refusing to look at anything Evidential to point out Fraud and Election Rigging.
      Why is that?
      Why does your News Not inform you of things the Court refuses to look at?

      News Flash!! The Evidence is abundant.
      There is more and more being gathered by the minute.
      It is Not Going away either.
      And would Strongly advise you to study what
      The “ Supreme” part means in the term
      United States Supreme Court.
      I guarantee when you search it..
      You will get triggered. Because this case will soon be going there. 6 conservatives 3 Libs. Do the math.
      How about accepting Facts over Fake New and Denial.

    2. @Mayhem Like me Sing it with me now… To dream the impossible dream… Can’t wait to hear and see all you triggered tRumpkins crying when Joe Biden is swarn in.

    3. Mayhem Like me mr impeached doesn’t need a vacation after golfing 1/4 of his term, and spending most of the rest of his term on Twitter.

    1. Exactly!!!! Beijing Biden is trying to steal the election and his handlers are trying to stage a coup. I hope the DemoRats all hang as traitors!

    2. @smidy719 News flash! Dead people vote in every election due to registry/clerical errors but the numbers are just not enough to make any difference. Yes this needs to be fixed but in EVERY STATE and not just the ones Trump lost

    3. @Arsenalusa Go look at world news. The world watches us but we dont watch the world…Why is that? We are the cornerstone of Democracy. Trump…hate him or love him he is restoring democracy to this country. We have became so complacent with our gov. that we dont see the corruption. Just look at World News. I promise you will learn something.

    1. I’d be honored if some fellow concerned citizens would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal YT performance of DANCING IN THE DARK by Bruce Springsteen in tribute to the United States of America and its next President, Joe Biden. Peace and everybody stay safe.

    1. CORRECT thats why he will win in COURT. “I’ve never kissed a Parrot, but I’ve kissed a Cockatoo” -Kamalta Harris

  1. You are right the enablers must be held to account but this situation exists because the system permits it – the system needs to be changed.

    1. THE LIST(of criminal enablers)

      george soros
      hari sevugan
      huffington post
      joe biden
      kamala harris
      hillary clinton
      nancy pelosi
      barack obamma
      mich obamma
      adam schiff
      jack dorsey
      mark zukerberg
      hunter biden
      Jennifer rubin
      Robert Reich
      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
      robert reich
      Ilhan omar
      ted wheeler
      lori lightfoot
      joe lockhart
      jim acosta
      laura vigilante
      brandy x. lee
      jemele hill
      Harlan z. hill
      chris wallace
      van jones
      don lemon
      kaitlan collins
      stephen colbert
      jimmy kimmel
      steve schmidt
      cindy mccain
      meghan mccain
      mitt romney
      chris thomas
      helen j wang
      chuck shoomer
      reverend warnock
      eric levitz
      ian millhiser
      jeremy newberger
      marcie bianco
      steve carell
      seth rogen
      natalie portman
      brie larson
      susan sarandon
      ben aflic
      alyssa milano
      jeff bezos
      tammy duckworth
      bill de blasio
      chris cuomo
      andrew cuomo
      don lemon
      howard stern
      chris hayes
      john cusack
      jessica denson
      keith olbermann
      justin trudeau
      Jennifer Aniston
      Chelsea handler
      Jim clyburn
      mark esper
      jake tapper
      molly jong-fast
      whoopie goldberg
      aron rupar
      Stella yanakieva
      Rahm Emanuel
      angela merkel
      scott morrison
      Neil Cavuto
      Sandra Smith
      David Knowles
      Asia Ewart
      Robert De Niro
      Malcom Warner
      Ron Dicker
      Malcom Warner
      Jeff Truesdell
      Joy Behar
      Sara Haines
      Sunny Hostin
      Ana Navarro
      Richard Pilger
      Hares Youssef
      Rashida Tlaib
      Chris Hayes
      ed mazza
      michael smerconish
      franita tolson
      albert bourla
      dr sanjay gupta
      Rolph W Artieda
      wolf blitzer
      michael avenatti
      chris coons
      Brianna Keilar
      Kylie Atwood
      Gloria borger
      laura coates
      kevin roose
      john kerry
      Johnny Tampocao
      Barbara McQuade
      Matthew Axelrod
      george Stephanopoulos
      david ignatius
      brian stelter
      pete buttigieg
      jamaal bowman
      ned foley

      …ADD to this and pass it on.

  2. The government is promoting his self-promotion for a post-presidency media mogul propaganda circus–at the public expense.

    1. I’d be honored if some fellow concerned citizens would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal YT performance of DANCING IN THE DARK by Bruce Springsteen in tribute to the United States of America and its next President, Joe Biden. Peace and everybody stay safe.

    1. And to the VP of OBAMA no less that must be eating him UP
      Aint NO way he can show his face anywhere now …………….HIS A LOSER!
      BUT he is doing his LAST Con as president ALL (or MOST) of the FUNDS are going to PAY for his OUTSTANDING DEBT (including his inauguration back in 2016) IF not his “assets” become LIABLE to pay his DEBT!!

    1. @andrew page weren’t you bowing out a few responses ago. And you claim you’re not stupid? Gambino baited you and obliged. But you’re not Stupid!!! But really what do you expect from people who want votes to be counted, but not all votes to be counted, complain about fake news, but feed on factual incapable news, spew without proof and to top it off, listens to a man who doesn’t care if covid kills America because “his” legacy and feelings are more important. And you’re not stupid? Russian does need to destroy America, republicans are doing a mighty fine job at that themselves

    1. @ke mill no Conservatives will not riot or burn down communities. So we will accept things like we always have. By the way how is Biden doing with bringing his Campaign HQs’ back together. It seems a movement and an idea manifested themselves as objects flying through windows.

    2. Funny, but not only Hillary complained about votes. Remember Trump crying about 3.5 million illegal votes in 2016?

    3. @Nick Forman I haven’t read all these but good job pulling the kindercare bully mob offsides. Hell if this was football you’d gain 15 yds for their encroachment. Ironic how they don’t remember Biden refusing to concede at the first debate, just like my man Trump. Don’t remind them of facts though because you see what happens

    4. @Feed Your Eyes And lest we forget this is also the same man who in his inauguration speech said he was going to bring an end to “American carnage”, and that he “he alone could solve the country’s problems”. Seems though, he is adding to the carnage, and instead of solving problems he is exacerbating them.

    1. @robert moore: There’s a reason they have not provided any evidence in any of the law suits: They have NONE, because there is NONE.

    2. They have. Dominion is a sham. They are Dem party donors. HTF are we using voting software from partisan companies.

  3. Trump Supporters after viewing archived footage: “They never said any of those things, must be Democratic Deep Fakes”

    1. “That’s not what I meant”. “They’re putting words in my mouth”. (So says the party of hoaxing/fraudulent tRump.)

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