Cuomo: This is a very bad situation the President is creating 1

Cuomo: This is a very bad situation the President is creating


President Donald Trump signaled he will not sign the coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress unless it amends the massive spending legislation. CNN's Chris Cuomo has more.

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    1. People like you are a joke. 600 is to get the ball rolling and don’t think for a second Trump cares.

      Trump is just buying time before he gets convicted for tax fraud.

    2. @Jackie Chiles The covid bill is one thing, the national budget is another. Do not succumb to his gas-lighting again and again!

  1. 600 $ is a punch in the balls its like somebody throwing a bucket of water on yo then getting u an umbrella and ask what happened

    1. @Maloy Audy I’ve been accepted to and graduated from schools you wouldn’t even be able to fill out the application forms for.

  2. Cuomo stop acting like a like 600$ is going to stop suffering and starving. That doesn’t even pay rent. Time to go article these people.

    1. These Socialist Democrats give away our tax money, the middle class is getting destroyed and the corrupt politicians enrich themselves!! You Democrats are despicable!

    2. You don’t get, it’s 2 bills in 1, government spending bills and covid relief bill. Trump mixing up to embark people in his consistent lies

    3. Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.This is how congress on both sides of the aisle launder hard earned tax payers money into their own banking accounts. Wake up America!

  3. Canada was giving their citizens money EVERY MONTH during this pandemic!!! The U.S. gives its citizens nothing!!! This is crazy and irresponsible!!

    1. And the process was really easy. Granted we have some of our own pitfalls with CERB, CRB and EI, but they rolled out. Press your gov’t. You deserve to live.

  4. The 600 hundred you say is being delayed !!! No Como , the 600 is a disgrace while fish get priority !!! Shut up , go home !!!

  5. His Legacy is already written in stone, Roger Stone and the other criminals…..He is desperately trying to stay relative and EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP GIVING HIM AIR TIME

    1. Hello how are you doing? You look so beautiful and attractive and also have a lovely smile and hope you’re staying safe

  6. I don’t know Fredo, maybe cramming Covid patients into care homes like your D-bag big brother did was a little bit dangerous too.

  7. 600 measly bucks.What the HELL kind of relief is that supposed to give anyone? Don’t sign the damn thing!

  8. I love that this is CNN’s comment section and yet everyone here supports Trump wanting 2000 dollar Stimulus Checks for us all! 🤣🤣🤣

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