CUPE: Won’t abandon reform because Ford ‘waves a loonie in our face’ | Full update


    1. @Scott Wilson lol according to no need it was settled. Again research before you open your mouth and get laughed at.

  1. If your workers are the lowest paid that’s on The union for neglecting these workers for so long. All resources, including these members union dues , went to fight for the pot of gold all teachers enjoy today. The question is why did the union allow these workers to be paid so poorly for so long? It’s not like CUPE hates to strike to get what they want.

    1. @flo mo ” LIVING WAGES”

      Now provide an exact definition of that term, the complete criteria by which it will be calculated, and how it will be paid for.

      But you won’t do that, all you know how to do is shout the latest buzzword.

    2. @flo mo Well, they’re almost there statistically and that’s for part time work let alone govt benefits. Add 10% for 40 k and subtract 1/3 for summers off. Maybe we taxpayers should get a refund?

    3. Is the Teacher’s Federation of Ontario the same as CUPE? IF so, from what I’ve read the former is somewhat rich in assets!

    4. @Primmakin Sofis Being able to afford groceries, rent, hydro, credit cards, paying off debt, being able to afford clothes, etc.
      Where I live 2k for rent is cheap. I don’t live near a city, that’s just how much it is.

  2. Caretakers work all year around we were the ones cleaning these covid room as kids were getting sick in our school. I want to know how much of a raise they gave themselves. If ford stop eating we should have no problem getting the money we are asking for.

  3. Imagine 50k a year for a semi skilled, (even unskilled) part time worker with killer govt benefits and pensions. I see a stumbling block don’t you?

    1. @L_ghtBulb how about 39k for 10 months? Is that enough. I could live on that easily because I need too why not you?

    2. @E Kingston Where I live rent is 2k a month (and thats on the cheaper side), that already takes up 24k out of that 39.
      Food costs up to 400 dollars a month
      Thats 4.8k.
      Hydro and other bills differ person to person but
      This is not enough to live off of in the slightest.

    1. That was tried prior to Covid and it didn’t work then. That being said; maybe if lucky some of Trudeau’s new immigrants he is planning to bring into Canada can fill their jobs as surely some will be teachers etc. Ya think?

    2. but then who would babysit your kid ? cause that’s what parents will be most upset about , who is going to look after my kid while I am work ?

  4. Surplus belongs to the tax payers. It means they were over taxed by the government not that they somehow generated funds through hard work

  5. I find it ridiculous when you hear stories about one EA having to look after one child in a classroom because the child misbehaves and is violent. When I was in school we didn’t have EAs and if a kid misbehaved in class the teacher would simply cancel gym class for everyone. Guess what happened to the kid at recess.

    1. I agree.

      But it’s not cupe. Talk to the government about the education act. “Every child has a right to an education”

      Even those… Who spit, bite, and are aggressive. At the cost of well behaved students.

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