Ontario education workers’ union files notice to go back on strike | CUPE announcement


    1. @HungrySanta but their quality in the work place is surely demished. I would not want to have to babysit a room of 40 other peoples snot nose little children. Be thankful someone takes care of your little brat all day long. while your not there

    1. The negotiation is all parties – they decide together and yes the union – whose leaders ARE elected members – gets to decide what to accept on behalf of the workers just like the government elected by education-haters gets to decide what to offer. That’s how negotiations work.

  1. Schools will be closed again soon and teachers will teach from home. Then the strike can last until spring. By then they’ll be broke and sign anything.

    1. unless of course teachers refuse to teach from home since it isn’t in our contract and we aren’t essential workers to be legislated back to work

  2. Sounds like Ontario hospitals. We’ve been cutting away at education and health care for too long. We’re at a breaking point and can’t function. Heard CUPE nurses got screwed with 1% again. Can’t strike so FORD walks all over them

    1. I was thinking the same, but this is hospitals in general. Money alone won’t cut it more staff are needed on the floor and have been needed for years. Nures are Striking in the UK. I wonder how long until it happens here in Canada.

  3. Why not poll for their raises like last time Ford repealing Bill 13?
    (a) 11.9% p.a. as they requested
    (b) 3.5% p.a. upon counter-offer
    (c) 7.5% p.a.
    Good job Ford 🤬

  4. How is a raise magically going to clean schools and hire more workers? That is just more money for those already there.
    Take money from the teachers, they make plenty!!! Teachers now complain they need education assistants with classes half the size of when i was a child.
    No multiplication table instructions, no cursive writing skills. Freaking youtube movies in class and movie fridays. Cmon what joke. Take the teachers share.

    1. Her whole point is that they’ve reached something tentative on wages. Now they’re looking for language that will insure workers will stay in those jobs. This is a need – as a non-CUPE worker in education, I’ve seen our EA supports reduced by 60% and our custodial supports reduces by 25% over the past 5 or 6 years, but our school has MORE KIDS than it did before. These cuts are what CUPE’s fighting.

  5. I believe we need an early childhood educator in every classroom of children under the age of 12 because that’s the only thing an early childhood educator ECE is special in

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