Curfew Hours Relaxed, Beaches & Rivers to Reopen in Jamaica | TVJ News - June 1 2021 1

Curfew Hours Relaxed, Beaches & Rivers to Reopen in Jamaica | TVJ News – June 1 2021


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  1. Thanks for the update regarding fully vaccinated & negative test travelers. However, still think it could be lowered to a maximum of four(4) days to give time for clearing baggages at the wharf.

  2. These only apply to Jamaican citizens not visitors, people of Jamaica are finding it hard to make a living.

  3. And big sound back in the dancehall. Foolishness a gwaan in a Jamaica free up the place.

  4. Why are fully vaccinated people still required to quarantine? What’s the point of being vaccinated then?

    1. @juliet gardiner it does not make any sense to travel to jamaica if fully vaccinated, take a pcr test 3 days before flight test comes out negative have vaccinated card,arrive in jamaica authorities telling me i should be in quarantine for 8 days, im fully vaccinated take my pcr test which is negative go to jamaica and still be in quarantine for 8 days smh prime minister of jamaica is an idiot

    2. So you don’t no that even vaccinated person still can get the virus thousand vaccinated and catch it The research tell you yuh still catch it

    3. @iquivalent badness still catch it but don’t get severely ill. I think the major issue is that a vaccinated person can still spread the infection so those who aren’t vaccinated are still at risk.

  5. Andrew is the biggest craft man in jamaica just because him get exposed in negril with that series of party. you a wicked man Andrew.

    1. First Bawn you hit the nail straight without bend, is church people he have strength for.

    2. @Violetta Campbell Definitely he’s just robbing the people of their rights after he use elections campaign to spread covid. And only the rich do what they like while the poor suffering.

    3. mine bro gad send fi you dawg… man nuh wah leggo di curfew ting star.. like is the best thing ever happens fi him.. when you affi read of a paper and have power and money yuh know a wah dat,,, trouble

  6. Thats a big lie Andrew the first spike wasn’t entertainment it was you who called the election after locking out crew’s ship workers. You must speak the truth. Liar.

  7. sad sad sad…so glad i left this unstable only for the rich government..
    and will never look back…
    if you have can buy politicians in jamaica..

  8. Not one person who has power in this country is challenging these measures. Also not one person is addressing the government and the police on the amount of effort that is being directed at the DRMA effort. If we use this same level of approach to the outstanding issues of this country we would be in a better spot. I will say Mr. Adams said he would have addressed the issues from small to large however we still didn’t choose him a s out commissioner… and I can’t really state the reason even though he was in a bind with the human rights council. However we are yet to conclude or follow up on the FINSAC report. Also the lawyers of this country to me has failed… However that is another topic

  9. It’s about time he relaxed curfew hours. I was just in Jamaica for Mother’s Day and couldn’t believe he really had a 2pm curfew on MOTHER’S DAY. Nobody checked my COVID 19 test results when I went to Jamaica so all these regulations are a joke. My test wasn’t checked by NOBODY. They need to just open back Jamaica and let everyone wear a mask and call it a day.

    1. @I am Grateful I flew out of Texas and they didn’t ask for mine or my husband’s. We didn’t say anything because we wanted to see if they were going to ask.

    2. @Judith Wright Wow! They turned back two passengers in Ft Lauderdale because they didn’t have their Travel Authorization form which I think is ridiculous because I’m sure a lot of people don’t tell the truth on that form anyway.

    3. @I am Grateful since we no longer need to upload the Covid test results to get an approved travel authorization I don’t think it even matters what’s on that travel authorization.

  10. The outlined precautions are are not scientific.However , because we have Hypersomnia opposition party, Andrew can do anything as it relates to is autocratic disposition.

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