‘Cyberattacks’ And ‘Lethal Action’? How Iran Could Strike Back | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Gen. Barry McCaffrey and Frank Figliuzzi discuss the possible ways Tehran may respond to Trump's ordered assassination of Iran's military leader Qassem Soleimani. Aired on 01/06/20.
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'Cyberattacks' And 'Lethal Action'? How Iran Could Strike Back | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Posi P nope, just a missile attack on our bases in Iraq today… keep up the sarcasm. American lives have been lost.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot carolyn talbot – Believe me boring moral-judge girl, with a new world war looming, him being racist is the smallest of our problems.

    1. It remains to be seen whether Kushner’s creation of an anti-Iran axis–Israel, Saudi, and Emirates– will hold., if it ever really existed.

    1. kyle grant They’re not afraid of Trump. Iran launched rockets today on U.S. Soldiers housing base in Iraq. Smart mouth of yours sitting at a computer. Go enlist.

    2. @mohammed ali Because no one will win. Iran loses, America loses, the region continues to be destablized. I am not talking about the government of either country but the citizens, women and children. The lesson of wars throughout from the crusades onwards is that everyone loses.

  1. I like the way pompeo transfers the blame to trump when we all know trump is too stupid to make that decision

    1. If Trump does not possess the intellect to be President, he should not be President; the buck stops there.

    1. You are exactly on point. They are the source of evil in this world and don’t leave out their Mothers!

    2. Exactly! The old white men and their wet behind the ear sons are indeed the worlds number one problem and barriers to peace on earth!!

    1. Vote him Out The GOP is still protecting Trump from consequences so Congress is still stuck with this lunatic. Trump feels omnipotent so we have to vote every single Republican out of office for TREASON. BTW. DEARLY DIANE ❌ TROLL ALERT
      Always spewing garbage. I do not click or comment. Thanks. 🇺🇸

  2. We can’t have the whole nation focusing on the impeachment so let’s wag the dog and start a conflict with Iran.

    1. @incipidsigninsetup Seems like the Trump cult members support everything Trump says and does, and then when he says and does the exact opposite, they support him with equal enthusiasm; this is why it is so obviously a cult of personality, the one constant.

  3. BRAVO Vladimir Putin, money well spent. When selecting someone to carry out your mission, to destroy America, you couldn’t have made a more perfect choice than Donald Trump.

    1. Putin just met with the Iranians, and let them know they will not be using Syria as a platform to attack the US. Maybe Putin bit off more than he could chew, putting Trump in office.

    1. Here comes the draft. Ya ready Democrat Socialists. Youre first string.. Now the feminists get to go to war too just as you asked for…

  4. Trump… “We are safer”

    State Department… “AmeriKKKans around the world, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES”

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