John Bolton Upends Impeachment Debate, Offers To Testify – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. David Sherbert

      Hi David, I want to thank so very much for your love dedication and loyalty to our country, if you are indeed a marine. Some of your comments have me wondering? 🤔 Thank you for your service sir. Much respect. 😌 ✌🏼

      I may not agree with you, but I can still respect your statements as an adult, as long as you speak like an intelligent adult, and not an insulting imbecile.❤️🌟✨🌟❤️✌🏼👍

    2. David Sherbert
      That’s low, and an unfair truth. Now you resort to lies, and insults. I see your maturity level is now lacking and your sense of respect for other people’s opinions. I thought perhaps being a marine, you could be more adult, and honorable. Have you no integrity. Such a shame. Pssssht. 🤔

    3. @David Sherbert Obama, the best Communist, Muslim, Hawaiian, Capitalist, Christian, Kenyan, Marxist President we ever had, hands down. Dude you HAVE to shut off FOX news, you’re getting as ridiculous and crazy as #CrookedDonald

    4. Too late…..The coward and chief has already done this. And now Moscow Mitch is going to skip procedures and call him innocent of all the crime everybody caught him doing. The coward and chief has not only got the world laughing at us, but our friends are starting to turn their backs on us, thus, not making America great at all.

  1. This is the best news I’ve heard. There needs to be someone to take this president to truth town. Justice might do its job.

    1. @First Last just to offer another perspective, I’m more inclined to believe Bolton finally got what he wanted out of Trump. He no longer needs him and Pence/Pompeo, in his mind, would be less risky in the top leadership roles. I could see him helping to remove Trump just to make his goal of Iranian “regime change” more organized.

    2. Liam Gault
      Tit sucking ignorant millennial toddlers. Educated by social media. It is a long standing communist trick, to convince the youth that the wisdom of the older generation is lacking. Once they break down the natural tendencies of youth to listen to previous generations, it becomes easy to convince the useful idiots that the evil they intend on doing, is actually for the greater good.

    1. KB Peters Ripple Chins McConnell May have no choice but to call witnesses including Bolton if he senses that public opinion has changed and the people actually don’t want to see dump skirt the system. It’s very swampy behavior to rig juries in your favor, ignore subpoenas and block people from testifying against you. Regular people can’t relate to that level of swampiness. Ironically DRAIN THE SWAMP now means impeach and remove orange dump.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Given precedent set during the Nixon administration actually it seems pretty obvious they would win. But it would take a long time to get heard and the Democrats were in a rush for obvious political reasons.

    3. @Bob Neil *‘We’re not allowed to talk about anything wrong in the party’: AOC trashes the Democratic establishment*

    1. @Duane Hall Really… Reeeeely… Tell us about Russian trolls, fukkbunny after u tell us how many preschoolers Biden porked from Hillarys child trafficking Syndicate in the last decade… Come on, Duane, i mean youve been a traitor backsabbing dimestore kunt all this time, give us the scoop..

    2. Boomtek Mamma still desperately looking for a fight with strangers on YouTube, your life is so sad.

    3. @Dave Schultz sorry Dave but JB said he would not talk until court ruling that Whitehouse could not prevent him from testifying.

  2. He has an agenda which will benefit him or the republican party by dumping their ball and chain trump so they can get another corrupt republican back in the race.

    1. … Goodness How The TROLLS Are Flying. Just Another Indication of TRUMP’S Desperation. CALL Every Current McConnell GOP Elected Representatives And Demand They Honor Their Oath: 202 225 3121 AND LEGALLY Remove Trump and McConnell FROM Office.

  3. Oh Bolton….grow a pair!!!! You should have volunteered to come forward!!!! Why? Cause it’s the right thing to do!!!! When is someone from the Republican party going to stand up for this country instead of their own personal interests????? OMG what a bunch of useless, spineless, excuse for human skin…it’s really quite sickening!!!!

    1. My guess is, when we get money and N.D.A’s out of our political system; or install some REAL serious consequences ( dull and sharp teeth ) for oath violators.

    2. Boltons a serpent mole, genius, hes not republican, did you miss the LGBT Anusbus…. The infamous Ash Roskell(Trash Rascal) Is giving free rim jobs till 6

  4. The blocking of testimony and documents reveals a consciousness of guilt.
    There is an unspoken truth, here. Of this, I have no doubt!
    Trump’s* day of reckoning is at hand.

    1. Bolton is playing everyone especially Crazy Nancy.
      Trump has just made this man proud, finally sticking it to Iran.
      His got Trump’s Back, sorry to tell ya, this will be another upset for those who are suffering Trump Derangement syndrome.

  5. Who think Bolton trying to protect Trump? What if he doesn’t answer all the questions and claim White House privileged.

    1. Unless Bolton pleads the fifth amendment he has to tell the truth or face perjury charges. This will be a trial with lawyers asking the questions and the Chief Justice presiding. However the last thing the republicans want is a real trial. If witnesses and evidence become allowed, then the senators up for re-election will have to answer to their voters as to why they think Bribery is ok for a POTUS. Can’t call it hearsay if you get it right from the one that was there. Plus Bolton is a huge GOP and Trump supporter so saying that he’s lying because he hates Trump won’t work either.

      Keep in mind when Clinton got a BJ in the oval office then lied about it, the GOP thought that was enough to remove him from office. Trump Bribes the President of another country not to do an investigation but to just announce one on national TV, just so Trump had red meat for his base, and the GOP think the Bidens and the whistle blower are the ones that should be on trial…… go figure.

      If Hunter is brought in you can bet they want witnesses and documents for that.

    1. I clearly understand what she wrote above as well I get the gist of her comment. I think it is funny when Americans think they are the greatest English speakers on social media. I mean look at your President as exhibit #1 for a plethora of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Then listen to the orange blob summon the powers to construct complete sentences. He makes a mockery of it all and to top it off he graduated from one of Americas finest “ivy” league schools.
      Do Americans speak english?

  6. Bolton should not be trusted, he had the great opportunity to testify but he decided to hid behind rocks, now he is simply playing politics to score points for himself.

    1. Trump should not be trusted, he had the great opportunity to testify but he decided to hid (sic) behind rocks……

    2. Nom Nom I don’t trust him. He should’ve come forth by now. Also being a hawk, he got his wish for war with Iran now, maybe they made a deal.

  7. I have zero hope or faith in John Bolton. He should have come before the house to testify before. He’s no good just like the rest of them. They’re all just snakes in a bucket.

    1. Snakes in a bucket! I’d never heard that before! I’ll probably use it in a sentence before the end of the week. Thanks!

  8. If he’s really concerned he’d just go on TV and confirm what the witnesses have already testified before Congress. I don’t trust this man one bit….

    1. There were no witnesses there is mostly hearsay! The one real witness said the President Trump said there was no quid pro quo. McConnell is running the show now in the Senate phase of this impeachment and he is not obligated to allow any additional witnesses. That should have been done by the Democrats in Congress in phase one on the impeachment. This impeachment is purely political and not criminal so President Trump will not be impeached. He will be re-elected by the American people for a second term. Congress will not determine who will be President.

    2. @Harry V What a bunch of nonsense.
      1.Trump has already been impeached.
      2. What Trump says is, quite frankly, irrelevant, since he lies all the time.
      3. If you consider the given testimonies as hearsay, you have clearly not read or seen them. And by the way, most testimonies in criminal cases are hearsay. If you see bear-tracks in the snow in front of your house, you can be pretty sure a bear passed by your house, even though you haven’t seen him pass.
      4.Every impeachment is political, because Congress doesn’t decide if the reasons that lead to impeachment are criminal offenses (which they do not have to be. A sitting president can be removed from office even if he hasn’t committed a crime) The Senate determines, if they are in fact criminal or a misconduct and if therefore a sitting president should be removed from office.
      5.Nobody knows if Trump will will be reelected for a second term, although the American people are surely stupid enough to eventually vote for this joke of a human being again, I give you that.

    3. @Stephan Maurer- President Trump impeachment will be voted down by the majority Republican Senate that is for sure. So it President Trump is not worried about this fake impeachment. He will finish this term. He will be re-elected for second term.

    1. @Citlalie your definition of native American ancestry is wrong. North American aboriginals themselves kept Mexicans and others from invading n.america for as long as they could. I’m a Pasamaquoddy from the e.coast and don’t speak a word of Spanish. Why would I. I am Indian not Spanish you dummy. Get your facts straight

    2. @snoop alert i’d be fine with sending them back, but all they are doing is holding indefinitely using our tax money. So either side (send them back or process them as immigrants) isn’t being done. No one wins.

    3. snoop alert
      With out their parents? Wtf is wrong with you? Since when are children responsible for their parents actions? Why are you a raciest? Are you an American Indian? Shame on you. What a despicable, repulsive excuse of a human being! 😞😞😞🧐

    1. @Mind Freshener biden had the prosecutor fired for not investigating anything including barisma he was not shielding his son, the bidens were investigated at the time.

    1. If it’s not about his book then I think it’s yet another stall tactic because nothing else has changed.

    2. freejutube , lol what are u smoking , there will not be a Trial since the Senate will never receive any Articles , meaning 1/2 the country will take the stance Trump was Never Impeached 🙂

  9. He said because he knows its never going to happen and thus gives himself a clear out. That he requires a subpoena is more telling.

  10. “I have a story to tell. But you have to buy my book to hear it.”
    John Bolton, True Patriot.

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