DACA 9th Anniversary: Advocates Still Pushing For A Pathway To Citizenship

It's been nine years since the creation of the DACA program. Alicia Menendez takes a look back at where it started and where advocates stand today. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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DACA 9th Anniversary: Advocates Still Pushing For A Pathway To Citizenship


  1. On the one hand, gop complain about no cheap labor employees for businesses, on the other hand kicking out Dreamers and their parents.

    1. @No Show Joe hello, the kids are here already, attended schools with your kids already in the past. Now where do these kids go? Isn’t there a labor shortage, Americans are too lazy to do jobs etc?

    2. The reason all parties complain about no cheap labor, is because the dems keep giving social assistance to people who won’t work, and single mothers. Truth hurts.

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas Moral and legal are NOT the same! How about we kick out all those insurrectionists and replace their citizenship with DACA recipients.

    2. @Will Ulik Miyas if these people are positively contributing to society and committing no crime what is wrong with them staying exactly? It’s a net plus

  2. Let them in. Immigrants don’t scare me. Gun slinging Republicans who don’t want me to vote, because of my skin tone is what scares me the most.

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas “You talk the talk, will you walk the walk, no.”
      That sounds like Regressive, “christ”ian, MAGAt’s….

  3. The Nation actually needs these people in the workforce. I think just proving you got a high school education and held a job should be enough for citizenship.

    1. Dems don’t want to pass this. They are paying people to sit at home to artificially drive up wages. If they make to many illegals, legal citizens, those jobs would fill up and their plan would backfire.

    2. @T. R. Campbell _’Read the Constitution.’_ Maybe you should? Because here’s the first sentence of 14th amendment: _’All persons born _*_or naturalized_*_ in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.’_ There’s nothing ‘unconstitutional’ about naturalizing DACA recipients. There’s no reason not to naturalize them other than ideology. Most are in the only country they’ve ever known, and they’re a net contributor to the economy and society as a whole.

    3. @Scurra People contribute to the economy first by respecting the country obeying the law and entering legally. Their problems are not mine. They need to return to the country of their birth and legally apply. My concern is for Americans.

    4. @T. R. Campbell _’…obeying the law and entering legally. ‘_ They came as CHILDREN. For most of them, this is effectively the only nation they have ever known. They’re indistinguishable from Americans.

      _’They need to return to the country of their birth and legally apply.’_ That would cost more than letting them stay. Both in cost to deport, and the impact to the economy. They’re overwhelmingly employed and pay taxes(while not qualifying for Federal entitlements). Deporting them is just straight up moronic.

      _’My concern is for Americans.’_ No, your concern is your bigotry. They already are Americans for all intents and purposes. And to be honest, they’re better Americans than you.

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    1. They ARE tax payers and are Americans in every sense except legal citizenship. Many of them don’t even speak Spanish.

    2. Let’s take care of the problems between black and white citizens before we have uninvited guests over , you have to take care of your own house before having a open house

    3. They dont need to be care for most are pretty successful all they ask for is to be left in peace in the this country where is all the know

  5. Al Sharpton and other black leaders attack Maya Wiley’s diversity record
    By Julia MarshJune 20, 2021 | 3:35pm | Updated
    Rev. Al Sharpton has spoken out against mayoral candidate Maya Wiley’s record on diversity.
    Rev. Al Sharpton has spoken out against mayoral candidate Maya Wiley’s record on diversity.Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutters
    The Rev. Al Sharpton has decided not to endorse in the hotly contested 2021 NYC mayoral primary race, but just two days before the June 22 election he’s criticizing frontrunner Maya Wiley’s diversity record.

    When Wiley left the de Blasio administration in 2016 — where she served as both Hizzoner’s counsel and the city’s Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) director — less than 5 percent of public spending went to those firms even though they account for 30 percent of Big Apple-based companies.

    MORE ON:
    Adams rips plans to reveal initial election results before ranked-choice count
    NYC mayoral campaigns have vastly different estimates of voter turnout
    Adams rips Garcia, Yang for allying against black candidate on Juneteenth
    Eric Adams the only choice to get kids out of the line of fire
    During her two years at City Hall, the portion of total WMBE procurement for the city actually dropped from 5.3 to 4.9 percent, according to the city comptroller’s office.

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    “I’ve not reviewed the contracts but much of our work at NAN is around economic equity and fighting to get MWBE contracts up, not down,” Sharpton told The Post about his National Action Network civil rights group.

    City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo, who is supporting Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for mayor, had harsher words for Wiley’s inability to boost the bucks to minority businesses during her tenure.

    “That is a disgrace. Black and brown New Yorkers need economic opportunity, not empty rhetoric,” Cumbo said.

    Sharpton and other black leaders criticized Wiley’s tenure as Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise director.
    Sharpton and other black leaders criticized Wiley’s tenure as Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise director.
    REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
    Robert L. Greene, head of the National Association of Investment Companies, questioned whether Wiley, a civil rights attorney, is a true progressive given the lack of minority contracting progress under her leadership.

    “It is difficult to predict what any candidate will do when they are in office,” Greene told The Post.

    “However the two best indicators seem to be track record and what are the priorities of their biggest supporters. The fundamental question is what did you do when you had an opportunity to lead?

    “Unfortunately very little has been done in NYC to more broadly engage with minority business. Despite a ‘progressive agenda’ the facts are that minority business enterprise (MBE) utilization rates have remained flat, leaving many minority contractors out of getting full and fair consideration.

    “I hope the voters in this year’s NYC mayoral race understand that and elect a mayor that will provide broader opportunities for those that continue to be left behind,” Greene said.

    City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo called Wiley’s record a “disgrace.”
    City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo called Wiley’s record a “disgrace.”
    Paul Martinka
    And while the MWBE work is in the past, opponents point to her current backing by the 1199 SEIU health care union as evidence that her lack of focus on boosting minority businesses will continue if she’s elected mayor.


    Greene said less than 2% of the union’s $20 billion pension fund is with diverse asset managers.

    A recent New York Post poll found Wiley in second place just behind Adams in the hotly-contested Democratic primary race.

    Other critics have attacked Wiley’s progressive bona fides. The former NAACP attorney has put her own children in selective and private schools while advocating for a desegregated education system, her exclusive Prospect Park South, Brooklyn neighborhood has private security while she presses to defund the NYPD and she’s raked in six-figure salaries as a career “activist.”

    Wiley spokeswoman Julia Savel said, A rep for Wiley said, “As head of the MWBE program, Maya Wiley brought together every New York City agency and took New York from $500 million in contracts to $1.6 billion in just two years — an unprecedented jump that reflects her deep commitments to creating a New York that lifts up every community.”.

    1. When were racists ever afraid , I bet you think you aren’t a racist because you have a black person who cleans your house

  6. Let us not forget it was under Republican rule that DACA came about then they themselves decided to breach the agreement originally made to them and decided to criminalized them even though the children kept their promises! Shameful act by Republicans and some Democrats which undermined it as well conspiring for political reason or the taking of accountability! Take care of the immigration issue control the boarder but fulfill the promise treat all immigrants with human dignity respect and understand why they came and by the Grace of God made it to America!!! God bless America land of the Brave and Free!!!Eagle symbol of Faith,Freedom and Strength!!! Gabriel:.

  7. Unless they’re standing there on the floor of the Senate debating the merits of a bill, it’s not a real filibuster. FIX IT.

    1. They can’t or else they would already done it they won’t let them go that would be the end of the Republicans texas would have to go to war with the usa and will lose


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