Rev. Al Sharpton Debunks Myths About Black Fatherhood

Rev. Al Sharpton marks this Father's Day with a call to action. By stepping in a child's life to offer guidance and advocating for an end to mass incarceration, which  more children will be able to participate in future Father's Day celebrations. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rev. Al Sharpton Debunks Myths About Black Fatherhood


  1. I love when he threw in “A poll says that black fathers are more likely to be better fathers than anyone else and they are more likely to spend more time with their kids.” This guy just goes on and on trying to make one side look better than the other. This guy is nothing more than a Snake oil salesman, huckster, pulpit talker! LOL

    1. Yeah. National Center of Education Statistics says that 57.6% of them are “absent fathers”. They can’t both be right.

    2. yep, of the 23% of black fathers that are married when they have children they managed to do a pretty good job. mentioning the other 77% is magically considered racist. Al’s own father popped out for some cigarets

  2. Man, clown is out of touch. He needs to spend a week on the street with those fathers. Keep spreading the hate. Role Model? lmao

    1. Yes, we know all black are just alike, right? The other thing is the fathers working jobs, or other legal things, are more numerous and more important.

    1. @Roger Out lol. That’s the problem he owed over 4.5 million, so it looks like he doesn’t pay taxes.😀

    2. @Roger Out Can we at least get al to pay his taxes. You could talk to China joe and his son about the millions they made by selling out America.

  3. He is the one passing in misinformation. 72% of black kids grow up in single families and in many cases the mother doesn’t know who the baby daddy is and winds up on Maury!

    1. He’s being disingenuous, what he is doing is only counting the behavior of the 25% of fathers in two parent black households and completely omitting the absentee fathers from his data.

  4. About time! This racist myth about the black absentee father (father’s a child, then abandons the family soon after) is way too widespread. I’ve encountered it even in those who should know better and claim they aren’t racist (and, actually, most of their beliefs are not, but this one persists).

    1. Listening to white people talk about absentee fathers is rich, since white men are the original absent father’s. Both worldwide and in America.

    2. @Layson Brooks I dont see Al Sharpton or the democrats advocating for fathers being present. Their power lies in racism and discontent and they instigate it as much as they can.

    3. @Charles Lewis Republicans elected a white supremacist. Period. What you see concerns me little.

  5. 0:40 The data was taken from 2013. An EIGHT year old data is NOT credible to use like this.
    When the media used OLD data to make a point about today then use the LATEST data. If this is the latest data then the point can’t be made when that data is TOO OLD.

    1. Tell that to the GOP. They think the election was stolen with no data or no evidence. No brains either

  6. Oh policy decisions. Is that the policy were they have way and run away. Take take no responsibility, Lying about the truth will not make it better.

  7. wow!!!!i hope george floyd his statue ,,,ooooops my bad ,,i hope he enjoys the 27 million dollars ,,oooooops my bad ,,well i hope the birds enjoy his statue ,poop away

    1. But you are a white man that says here’s the way it is, I need not evidence. I am drumpf

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