1. That is so cool that’s all I can say just somebody having fun loving Halloween as much as we all do that’s awesome I expect that probably will be in every store next year guaranteed somebody will buy it he’ll make them he’ll make them he’ll sell them and he’ll install them so look for the door monster sometime next year

  2. Now that is amazing and very creative and so cool that’s a great memory for the kids at Halloween😂😂😂

  3. With all the troubles in this world, it is so very darn cool to see a really feel good story like this. Wow! The Monsdoor was very cool but the web meeting with monster costume was amazing!!! What a cool guy.

  4. Reminds me of what the channel Door Monster did for a couple years on Hallowe’en. They did a similar thing to this, but with a bigger door, look it up, it’s pretty neat.

  5. I wish we just had a news channel of nice stories like this . Im tired of media perpetuating anger, fear , and hatred of one another.

    1. yeah that’s why this is the first time i’ve been on cnn, i can’t stand how divisive they are . really cute Halloween story though 👍

    2. @Katherine Lee I see plenty of positive things on CNN sorry you don’t watch enough to know.. Fox News is more your pace.

    3. @Nicole Brown both networks pray on emotion for ratings . The more we hate each other the happier they are . ( more viewers , more advertising dollars )

  6. I genuinely appreciate Jeannie for doing these lighthearted stories. We all need a little break from doomscrolling content.

  7. I loved this!❤️☺️. I’m going to quit saying mean things for a nice Halloween. And I’m going to tell you a true story today about a little girl I met with her amazing mom! She came up to me after a little while and she was so sweet. She said very seriously, “don’t steal things”. “It’s not nice to steal people’s crutches. It is not nice to steal people’s walkers. You have your own “. And you could tell she was taught that and was saying it with all seriousness. I
    told her I am so glad you shared that with me because that is true. I had mentioned to her mom that I had a walker from my back injury at home that nobody seemed to want. So she said to me, “I want a walker for my birthday!”
    When is your birthday? “Today” grandma says that’s not true So she said will you give me a present today? I told her I’ll be back in four minutes. My neice and I came back in four minutes with my old walker. That’s what it took to make a little girls day! Mom and dad hard workers, good jobs. Her not really needing anything she didn’t have. Not rich. I wish it was that easy to make anybody’s day an amazing day!
    That’s a true story from my life today and a little girls dream of having her own walker.
    We’re going to get through this because Washington’s going to be distributing large amounts of funds to you for your needs. And the reality is that it does not matter a wit which party is in power in Washington, neither of them has done a thing for you in the last fifty years. My chihuahua sitting in the Oval Office for the last 50 years would have done far less damage if any at all.
    This is about your constitution and no matter who the president is doesn’t really matter. This is how you play this game.
    Watch closely now.
    Love y’all,
    I’m serious about that too.

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