1. People fighting on their own land, fighting to keep from being oppressed or killed, fighting against outsiders who trespass and call them “terrorists”, are normally called Freedom Fighters.

    1. @Le Cobra modern jews today have barely 2-3% Semitic DNA. Modern Arabs have nearly 100%. It’s like me being 20% German. Should I, as a mostly Native American tribal member, be allowed to go back to Germany and demand that that country give me land and resources?

    2. @US English with native English Teacher Heather Yea its sad cause honestly I’m kinda patriotic (USA USA USA), but totally get where ur coming from. Is it true that Native Americans didn’t really have a concept of land? Asking cause I heard someone use it as a defense.

    3. @Galileo🌍 Turkic peoples invaded and colonized Anatolia they massacred to native Armenians and pushed into Eastern Europe sacked and renamed Constantinople to Istanbul

    4. @Evan Brad this is idea came from the colonizers to justify the theft of our land and resources.

  2. It’s all about video, not verbal. On video iv seen Israel soldiers hurt, and kill children, and steal from them while they cry in terror. Israel gives no compassion or care for children. Israel’s pointless and continuous aggression is unacceptable. Israel’s rejection of a two state agreement is also childish and fault is theirs to own But also on the Palestinian side their rejection of a two state agreement fuels this fire and ensures the continuation of death as well. I see fault on both sides and both their thick skulls will ensure this never ends. Accept a two state agreement regardless of who’s land either side thinks is occupying the other ones because Israel is the dominant power and that ensures for a fact, they are not going anywhere ! Ever ! The only solution that exist in all of creation for this problem is a two state agreement

  3. Do you also say, Ukrainian militia militants. Your media reporting Hypocrisy is Unbelievable & Shameless. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. True terrorists.
      Stop trying to kill all the Jews and all the gays, then there will be peace

    1. @Liberals haveitallbackwards the left supports Palestine, and yet Palestinians condemn homosexuality 🤣.

    2. @James James because it’s not acceptable in their society. The western society morals aren’t and don’t have to be accepted by everybody. You think the world revolves around you huh

    3. @James James not long ago a gay Palestinian escaped their territories and sought refuge in Israel, but they found him and chopped off his head. These are the brave people the liberals are backing

  4. Was there ever anywhere on earth a country called Israel before illegally and by force created on the Palestinians land in 1948? Judaism is a religion the same as all religions are; It is not a human Race, Ethnicity, nationality … but just a religion.

  5. This guys are brave and righteous fighters it would have been noble if the US/west armed and assisted like they are supporting Ukraine.

    1. @Kid Charlemagne Woke white’s and BLM couldn’t care less about these people. Fine with me, though. It’s not this white man’s burden!

  6. Anyone who supports the Ukrainian resistance, but not the resistance of Palestinians- really think about why you’ve been taught to think about them differently.
    Power to oppressed people everywhere 🇺🇦🇵🇸

  7. Mind Begs the Question:
    Those once expelled from their Homes
    If expell others from their Homes

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