1. See , I hate that. He is trying to do right by everyone and why do we have to suffer for the ones who care less and go with hate versus love

    1. @Nancy W. I pray you all stay safe over there in Belgium. Just terrible what the makers of this virus have done to us all.

  2. Those ppl harassing ppl for wearing masks need to be arrested and punished. Ppl thst wear masks are not harassing them…thats why we hve had a big spread of the virus that we hve not been able to control!

  3. That’s what happens when you open schools during a pandemic. Mask or anti-mask, if you send your kids to school, you’re basically sending them to the covid slaughterhouse. Thus, kids will bring it home and infect your whole family… Welcome to Survival of the Smartest Era 😉

    1. @Rolls Royz your freeDUMB (not to be confused with actual freedom) is spreading this disease and killing people

  4. Requiring parents to send their kids to school when they aren’t going to provide a safe environment, is child endangerment.

    1. @zarg dirosi I guess you meant to respond to another person, but not me. I’m with you on that point you made.

    2. @Spearhand so why do surgeons wear masks in operation room? They use same mask as in those so boxes. Ignorant a bit🙄🙄

    3. @Mark Warren yes take mask off at table when you eat but f you get up to walk away from table you must mask. Covid is nasal secretions and spread in air. Is that too deep for you?

    4. People telling me what I should do with my body is unconstitutional. Public health does not override the Constitution 14th Amendment.


    1. @Ello Owu not sure where you are going with this but to answer your question, there wouldn’t be a response if my house is on fire and I owe no one a explanation for trying to save what is mine and if my neighbor doesn’t want the help then it’s on him. So what was your point

    2. @Jim Myers and you still sound like you are wanting, go back to your herd, we make our decisions here not you.

  6. The “Village” has let our children down. We ARE NOT our “Brothers Keeper”. In all of my 78 years have I felt the “selfishness” exhibited in this America. How sad that our children are not put above anything else. It’s Insane.

    1. @John Godley Listen, Biff. Facts are not something you just make up or pull out of your arse.

      Autobahn compared to US motorways in 2012:
      Autobahn: 1,74 traffic deaths per km of travelling.
      US Motorways: 3,38 traffic deaths per km of travelling.
      In 2014, autobahns carried 31% of motorized road traffic while accounting for 11% of Germany’s traffic deaths. The autobahn fatality rate of 1.6 deaths per billion travel-kilometers compared favorably with the 4.6 rate on urban streets and 6.5 rate on rural roads.

    2. @Laura D You would have to prove I’m sick in order to claim I could affect your health. It doesn’t work that way. You cannot assume people around you are sick, and treat them accordingly. You could find yourself in court for a defamation suit. Lastly, three year olds aren’t posting on youtube, before an audience, and no…obviously don’t blow smoke at them.

    1. Because cops only ‘punch down.’ The people in this video no force, they’re afraid to arrest violent criminal matthew kaigle of Vermont, but an unarmed black man like 23 year old Elijah McClain, cops swarm them.

  7. Most Sensible, Brave and Decent Dad in Williamson County Award to Mr. Miller. When regular guys become heroic by simply having common sense.

    1. @The Teutonic Nordwind So, this concerned father was acting like a “pansy”? So, according to your logic, what’s your assessment of the two idiots, threatening someone, just because he has more common sense than they do?

  8. I live a mile from two high schools a Jr High and an elementary school in an R state. Governor closed things early last year and urged masking…He urged vaccinations when they became available….Kids around here don’t seem to have a problem masking…Walked through one high school area as school was letting out 3 days ago. As students came out of buiding they were masked Kids getting on buses were 😷😷.
    I don’t get the big deal and big fight over masking. Sees like a lot of stupid.

    1. I honestly think that in many cases it’s simple narcissism. People who look for any excuse to consider themselves special and better than others. If it wasn’t masks, it would be something else. They simply need to feel noticed.


    1. those idiots avoiding the vaccine have been spread bullshit from the right wing lie machine for thier whole lives

    2. @david bennett when you get the vaccination you’re getting the virus put into your system so your system can learn to fight against it which means you’re carrying the virus around with you and infecting others around you that are vaccinated or not vaccinated so it’s best to not even get vaccinated and let your immune system naturally do its job that is medically proven, you can’t trust anything fauci says that man has lied about everything

  9. This pisses me off! He was caring for EVERYONE’S children and his child gets it. So unfair! I pray he gets better soon!

    1. @Terry Trent WRONG, kid always got flu and colds, It is NOT because they went with masks on for to longs. Last season people stayed home, flu and cold was way down because of that.
      You don’t seem to understand our immunity does NOT work against the flu, covid, sars, mersa, and so on. this is why there is guidelines and vaccines. Why do you think we had childhood vaccines? Because our immune symstems didn’t work agains them. You know your immune system doesn’t work it is because the virus tricks your body into believing it belongs there.

      NO mask wearing did NOT stop the immune system from working, I suggest you go to school and take some classes in virology and immunology because you are WRONG.

    2. @Terry Trent you’re so right so since YOU’RE going to die anyways don’t go to the doctor, take meds (they’d be a waste of money anyways), do not drive with your seatbelt on, do smoke, do swim in polluted waters and do it soon because you’re taking up space. Got a grip on reality yet? Here’s a crying towel and a textured glove.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis lmao clearly udk htf the immune system works. Apparently you failed grade 5 science/health.n

  10. This is why we still have the pandemic, people want to be partisan about a virus and think their freedum is absolute when the virus doesn’t care

    1. @Michae Dove lmao is that what happened? Please show me the documentation of George Washington pushing vaccines on his troops

    2. The pandemic persists because Democrats want us all to be slaves. All problems disappear when Democrats get out of the way.

    3. @KentBalzer lol…right, its the Republican led States running out of hospital space and Republican led states like Idaho about to institute the Death Panels that Republicons were so terrified of 10 years ago – but its the Democrats fault. Trumpflakes are comedy gold with their ignorance, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!

  11. I’ve never seen so many parents who were doing everything they could to ensure that their child gets Covid 19.

    1. @Bill Kekler Well, the unvaccinated are dying, and the vaccinated are healthy. Need I say more ? wait tiill that study comes out and you might get urself on a ventilator.

    2. @Chris McDevitt – You do realize there are many other sicknesses with the EXACT same symptoms as covid that still exist, right? 😂

  12. I am European and this is like a really bad horror movie and you just want to wake up.
    Instead you see a country totally imploding ….scary as h***

  13. The Delta surge was just starting to break, but with Labor Day and kids back to school, we’re probably in for another surge.

  14. My daughter get bullied for wearing a mask, she’s one of only a few that wear a mask, she can’t get vaccine for another 3 months

  15. I have a fair solution: any adult who chose not to get vaccinated goes to the end of the hospital admittance line and gets kicked out of the ICU if it’s full and a bed is needed for an non-covid patient, a vaccinated adult who caught Covid, or a child with Covid.

    1. Also………..Insurance Companies should NOT cover ANY treatment for Covid unless you were vaccinated or have a legit reason not to be. Apparently hurting some people in the wallet is more important than the safety of their children.

    2. There are some who are genuinely misinformed, as was I on getting the vaccine. Those people do deserve treatment. This could possibly discourage some who were finally going to get the shot to not get it.

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