Daily Beast Reports Shocking New Matt Gaetz Allegations

The Daily Beast is out with brand new reporting detailing more disturbing activity and corruption on the part of Rep. Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg. Investigations reporter Joel Pagliery predicts this “will all come crashing down” on the Congressman. “Matt Gaetz keeps saying he never paid for sex – we have witnesses that say differently.” The admissions from Joel Greenberg add to the trouble. “The feds have the receipts.”
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  1. The first time I saw gaetz and heard words come out of his mouth I knew he was a creeper. How can 1 person look exactly like beavis and butthead?

    1. MANY YEARS AGO my girlfriend brought a new female friend home and her father instantly banned the girl from the house. He said “she is a predatory pervert” – we thought the guy was NUTTS. Turned out he was correct. She put a guy in prison with false accusations.
      Matt Gaetz is the male version of that girl and I can now see what he could see all those years ago…

    2. I thought I was the only one who thought it looked like both Beavis AND Butthead. Lol. Guess it’s a common perception.

    3. Eddie Munster?🤣🤣STOP it, you’re killing me!! 🤣🤣 I haven’t laughed so hard in years!!🤣

    1. @Carl Leggett most people really don’t know anything about Q including me the only time I’ve seen anything about it is on these left wing propaganda sites and YouTube videos.

  2. I’d so tired of waiting for REAL charges to be filed. These slippery politicians never ever seem to suffer the consequences of their criminal behavior.

    1. @13molly 13 Wait, sorry, but you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to invalidate a woman’s claims of sexual assault because of something she wrote in the past about someone completely unrelated to this claim. First, there were never any ties proven between Trump and Putin, so anything she had to say about Putin means absolutely ZERO in our political world in America. And I only say that because I’m guessing that YOU’RE guessing that she is a Trump supporter? Second, I think it’s really awesome that you’ve suddenly found the balls to question a woman’s claims of an act committed 27 years ago for which there is no evidence, whatsoever. I think it’s great that you morons are finally admitting that we don’t have to “Believe All Women”. Where was this newfound grace and due process a couple of years ago with Brett Kavanaugh??? Well, better late than never. Because as soon as Ford’s accusations were revealed at a time when Democrats had NOTHING left with which to counter Kavanaugh, you guys just jumped all over it and screamed at anyone who said, “Wait a minute. This woman has nothing to back her story and is an avowed Democrat. Shouldn’t we see if anyone can corroborate and go from there?” But no, you shamed anyone who even dared to question her story, even though it wasn’t “fishy” at all, huh? Hypocritical losers, every one of you.

    2. @A c you have nothing to say about THIS Gaetz news report of thievery and decadence? Biden ‘what aboutisms’ sound feeble here. This level of wrongdoing should at least merit some condemnation on your part.
      This has nothing to do with party preference; these alleged crimes appear to have irrefutable evidence.

    3. @C M Read a newspaper — or just search for some relevant videos while you’re trolling YouTube

    4. @Brand Account Make it two weeks. They will need to do some paperwork. Get a warrant signed, etc. And this better be perfect. You do not want Gaetz gets of the book because of a technicallity.

    1. @Roman I feel sorry for people like you, who just can’t seem to grasp the definition of a conspiracy theory, let alone detect one.

    2. @Logan please take your meds and go to bed. And don’t take them with the Jim Beam you can’t live without.

    3. @dana375 She might be “Cougaring” him. Or — maybe Mattie-Boy has some “Mommie” issues?

    4. @Logan why are you here then if you visit the “independent sources”? 🤣🤣 Stay on non-biased YouTube too. Oh wait… it doesn’t exist. Why? Conservatives make little money. But they sure do like to protect those who do make money.

      Anyways, any conservative product is essentially trash. Like Newsmax and OAN look so cheap. The graphics… like an HD camera isn’t even that expensive and yet they look terrible on screen. No production money = no research money

    5. @midknight she’s not anyone’s type. With a face like that she’s got Nothing to laugh about.

  3. Let us hope Joel Greenberg is in a safe place, and that he will be able to go to the trial.

    1. @Dana Paul …..No, he will not. If you are convicted or plead guilty to a felony in the state of Florida you are no longer allowed to hold “ANY” public office. One of the charges he’s facing carries a minimum 10 yr sentence. When the feds get done with him, running for office will be the last thing on his sleazy mine..

    2. @DIY Music A+ on the projection. Make sure to mention it to your caregiver (if you can remember to, that is).

  4. The dam is about to break a deluge of info is about to be exposed. Geatz behind gates, CLANG!! 📣📣📣

  5. I can’t wait to see that Gaetz smile on his face turn to tears in his eyes, and him crying DADDY, DADDY Please Help me get out of this. Get your check book out DADDY INEED YOUR MONEY.

  6. You can”t make this stuff up. Like an onion. The more you peel, the stronger the stink.

  7. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. – Al Capone
    There are a lot more than two trying to keep this secret so….do the math.

    1. Good quote!

      If the letter the daily beast has is accurate, there are “several politicians” in the mix. Greenberg, Gaetz, unnamed politicians….plus the escorts….plus anybody else who showed up at the parties.

      It’s just a wonder that it didn’t come out sooner.

    2. Well put.

      Sadly, math is a 4-letter word to the GOP – electorily, scientifically, and statistically.

    1. You Don’t Understand How The World Works . The Wives Are OK With It All . There , Now You Know Too .

  8. Technically she did not get a “no show” job. She had to “show” plenty, and her “office” hours weren’t exactly 9 to 5.

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