Dan Harmon On The Return Of His Hit Animated Series “Rick And Morty” 1

Dan Harmon On The Return Of His Hit Animated Series “Rick And Morty”


“Rick and Morty” returns in June with a massive 70-episode renewal. Harmon opens up about his creative differences with executives and his own unique storytelling process. This is a clip from an exclusive interview with The Beat's Ari Melber on MSNBC. You can watch the full conversation on The Beat with Ari Melber's YouTube playlist.

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  1. Is it me or is it getting a little bit schwifty in here?

    Oh, yeah!
    You gotta get schwifty,
    You gotta get schwifty in here

  2. I love how dan has anything to even do with this show, but gets all the credit. Justin’s the genius behind it all.

    1. Dan used his fame and connections to help Justin land the show, otherwise you wouldn’t have one.

    2. @My Tale Dan had the connections to make Justin’s idea a fully fledged show, that’s it, Justin literally MADE it.

    3. Justin is the brainchild of the characters and animation style. Dan is the storyteller.

    4. I dunno, Harmon’s clearly got a hand in every single script that makes it to screen and I believe it was his suggestion to turn the original sketch (which was just a crude riff on BTTF where Doc gets Marty to blow him) into something more substantial. Wouldn’t want to diminish Roiland’s part in it but I think to diminish Harmon’s is a mistake.

  3. Oh, Dan. It sounds like he is bipolar type II, maybe. He is such an amazing creator and artist, it almost seems obvious now. Abed is Dan Harmon. Well, they are all aspects of him, but Abed is the dominant aspect, IMHO. I base this upon what I heard him say.

    I am so glad he found therapy (this is an educated guess), because I want to enjoy his work for decades!!!

  4. I often wonder if any other networks passed on airing Rick and Morty before Cartoon Network picked it up

  5. Things I didn’t know before today: This dude who brought the world “Community” also begat “Rick and Morty”. And this dude is exactly 10 years younger than me. I have only seen a few episodes of “R&M” because I don’t believe in paying for cable (either I’m too principled or just cheap) but my daughter and granddaughter both love it. (A former coworker of mine always asked for szechuan sauce when we’d go through McDonalds drive through.) I do have the complete series set of “Community”. Thought all the characters were very well-developed. Couldn’t help myself, really liked Annie.

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