Dana Bash presses GOP senator on Trump’s Ukraine call

CNN's Dana Bash asked Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) whether he believed President Donald Trump asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens was appropriate. He dodged her query, saying that "I have never been very happy with any of the Ukraine decisions since the Russians invaded Crimea." #CNN #News


  1. The senator is stuck in the past. He can’t answer one question without a previous reference or comparison. The right and wrong in this case is Black and white! All these defenses are grey* for no reason

    1. The WRONG is Joe and Hunter Biden corruption., Forcing the firing of a prosecutor for corrupt purposes is unacceptable.

  2. Like Graham’s DASKA act and further exposure of Trump’s Putin-love due to it. There might be a semblance of a vertebrate there somewhere. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Many a slip tween the cup and the lip. There are fissures forming in the Senate., between the hawks and trump. Add those to the liberals, with a few more tweets from the president about how much he likes and trusts Putin, and this thing could break wide open. Mitch may act confident but he knows that risk is real.

  3. Mr. Misogynistic GOP Fossil better accept the FACT that the SPEAKER is fully within her RIGHTS to hold on to those ARTICLES for as long as she DAMN WELL PLEASES!! Just like #MOSCOWMITCH did with Merrick Garland.

  4. He can’t make a judgment about the call? Or he’s not sure what his judgment is? Bash literally asks him, what does Roy Blunt think? Roy Blunt’s answer: “Obama, Obama, Obama.” Good thing Missouri has a senator with such clear and strong judgment.

    1. @Dennis “Imperial ruler”…. Do you even pay attention to what you type? You should like those ridiculous right wing nuts 6 years ago talking about how Obama was going to make himself “King”. It’s just as preposterous.

  5. To these so-called “Christians”, the presidency has never been about good moral judgement and decency that the Bible requires. It’s all about the appointment of judges and their personal enrichment. Character be damned. It’s very disappointing and shameful.

    1. @give me a corona TN On Trump’s side? When did you decide you prefer a dictatorship?

      I am on the side of the Constitution and democracy.

    2. @ZigZag Congress is responsible for oversight. That is part of their job. They aren’t going to ignore abuses and corruption because you don’t believe it affects your dumb arse.

    3. @give me a corona TN The one a person that is keeping secrets is Trump. if he’s so innocent then why won’t his witnesses testify why won’t he get on the stand? I’ll tell you because he does nothing but lie to everyone. Do you really think that this tax reduction for the wealthiest people help you? No it did not. do you really think that killing Obamacare is going to help you get medical Care medical care? No it will not. The GOP is only concerned with power and money people are secondary and they stand in the way of them getting what they want

  6. I was a white southern boy from Missouri, he was a black northern boy from Detroit, he loved the current Democratic President, I hated him, we were friends……..he had my back I had his, three tours each in Nam mostly down in Cambodia. In country, none of that $hit meant a damn thing. Funny, wonder what ever happen to him, wonder if could still be friends.

    1. @Dave Schultz I didn’t fight to support a treasonous, five time draft dodger either. Trump is scum. Anyway, seeing as we didn’t go into Cambodia until 1970 and NEVER went in there under a Democrat, the “vet’ appears to be lying anyhow. Trumptards rarely bother to use facts.

    2. @1manuscriptman , Obviously you are neither a tactician or a historian. The US had been going in to Cambodia, Unofficially, since the Mid 60s. The Ho Chi Minh trail ran North to South along the Cambodian border. Not to attack that route would have been idiotic. The war was STARTED BY A DEMOCRAT AND FINISH BY A REPUBLICAN.

  7. When you are waiting to grab on to anything to make a point, you are part of the problem with the disfunction of this government. I heard all my life, don’t judge a mans’ character by what he says but what he does. His accomplishments are AWOL on CNN. I think you have the negative well covered. Really well covered.

  8. Dana bash is one of the weakest hosts yoll find on CNN… she talks tough when she is on some panel but every single time she gets to interview a republican she is reluctant to ask clear and obvious questions everyone watching would ask…. these interviews are jokes and that is why the message of what the president did cannot resonate with the public…. you have fox pushing aggressively all the misinformation and then ppl like Bash allow them to come on and spew the same rubbish they speak on Fox and doesnt call them out on live telivision….its a darn shame

    1. Richardo I totally agree with this , she’s so weak I think because she wants to remain in good terms with most of these fools for news source/ access.

  9. The Clinton impeachment involved “sexual things” and everyone resisted calling witnesses. These people in question need to be called.

    1. @Vince Diesel The House, The Senate need to do what the people would expect in the trial types they understand. This involves calling to testify anyone that has information about the incident(s) in question. The people are used to this process, let’s try and maintain some order.

    2. @chris c You misunderstand my point. Both sides were uneasy calling witnesses when there was a chance that testimony would be of a sexual nature. My comment has nothing to do with why he was impeached, just why so few witnesses were called.

  10. russian troll alert, 7:30PM PST shift! LOL…but they’re showing up earlier, they didn’t get the memo we have that 1hr difference now. LOL…russian are born stupid, just ask the Germans. LOL

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