1. So if the criminal justice system won’t lock away criminals, then how exactly are we supposed to defend ourselves. Remember that the criminals have no rules.

    1. You can reasonably defend yourself. The problem here is that Perry went overboard and ended up killing a man. His actions, at the very least, was negligent.

    2. @Seeking God First no. he stopped a criminal and removed him from earth. he’s a hero nothing else. he never left his house wanting to kill someone. the criminal left his house looking for a crime to commit

    3. @S The punishment must fit the crime. Penny’s irresponsibility caused someone’s death.

    4. The problem is making mentally ill individuals into criminals. Extreme neglect helps too. Mayor Adams, do your job. Where is your plan for repairing the mental health system? Where is your plan for repairing the foster care system? Where is your plan for a real affordable housing plan? No, your real estate buddies won’t allow you to do that? Because they like crazy high rents that no one can afford?

  2. The dude had over 40 convictions again let’s just enable criminals to keep doing what they’re doing and persecute the ones who stepped in to stop it

    1. Remind me next time you commit the crime of screaming loudly On the train. I’ll be ready with my choking gloves..

    2. @David Uruski  I was responding sarcastically to the person who said he was arrested 40 times. Like that matters to the situation. I’ve been a new Yorker my whole life. 2 things you are bound to see are, crazy people and rats. I’ve never thought about cooking either one.

    1. Yep. Who would survive 15 mins of being choked out? 🤣 Probably only Superman. 😂

    2. Unless you’re trying to murder the guy on purpose (don’t do this), which is apparently what happened here

    3. A rear choke is my go to move. I’ll fight with everything have to get the back and then squeeze until they aren’t moving. If they’re making it a situation of “me or them”, it’s going to be me that survives.

    4. @Booper pretty sure it wasn’t a them or me situation here. It was just a mentally deranged guy that was not attacking anyone in this particular instance. The best thing to do is keep your distance but be aware and not engage with them.

    5. @The Last Line The op didn’t specify a situation. They just said “if you choke someone out…”

  3. So the family post a picture 10+ years d because they weren’t around recently And couldn’t be bothered to help him. Now they magically show up and are horrified.

    1. Neely’s mother was murdered at age 13, and he survived the foster care system as well. It might be fair to say that Mr Neely’s family was a bit damaged. However, it does seem that Neely made his own family from friends especially through dance and performance. Surviving depression without the support of a functioning mental health system became too much after too many years of it. Is that why he deserves to be killed? For the crime of yelling?
      So before this case comes to trial, I want to hear the mayor with a real program for improved mental health. I want to hear a real program for real affordable housing. I want to see Mayor Adams distance himself from his fabulously wealthy real estate benefactors and get their cooperation on this plan. Imagine how much more successful Mr Neely’s recovery plan could have been with a small room, a microwave and a mini fridge. Why do we continue to support the construction of luxury units that no one is buying when the need is ordinary apartments and studios at working class prices. Not built in dishwashers and in unit laundry to inflate the rent. Not empty units being warehoused to keep the rental market artificially high. Normal apartments for normal NYers, even damaged NYers like Mr Neely, a talented young man who just needed a chance to recover. Shame on all of us.

  4. So the next time some crazy wants your money just say, “Why sure, and what else can I do for you.”

    1. You can subdue someone without killing them, the guy killed was mentally Ill, would you prefer we just shoot anyone struggling with mental illness? god forbid we help them and prevent situations like this altogether

  5. The dude that was killed threatened the people in the subway so the marine stepped in. He put him in recovery position afterwards but sadly he was already dead. I dont see why the marine would get jail time for this.

    1. Because he was excessive.cant give someone the death sentence for yelling and screaming. Pretty simple actually.

  6. That homeless dude was crazy hit a 65 yr old lady on a train not long before that incident he was just getting crazier. although choke hold was a bad choice he could’ve restrained him some other way. Also the picture theyre using makes it seem he wasnt homeless at all and a kid

  7. USMC… use the least force that is required. That’s the training… Hope all goes as well as it can. Semper Fi brother.

  8. Had the legislators handed out tougher sentences early on in the 40 convictions then this would never had have happened
    Closing the cell door after the convict had fled

  9. As a former Marine myself, id rather be feared than walked over in this day and age. Penny seems like a chill dude. But make no mistake. You cross a line and were gonna send you to Jesus.

    1. That is not your decision. You do not get to chose who lives and who dies. We have laws in the US, and he took it upon himself to hand out a death sentence with no trial

  10. The guy he subdued was on New Yorks top 50 list of individuals who were at an extremely high risk of going freakin nuts on someone or something. Thank the good Lord he didn’t have a gun and walk into a school or any public area and just start spraying innocent people with led. I can only pray someone would stand up and help me if that time ever came. He deserves a medal of honor. Not a prison number!! 💯💯💯👍👍👍

    1. Well, maybe he’ll get both. A medal from trumpers and prison sentence from those who follow the law

    2. @Alex Perez I think Denise is saying you shouldn’t thank god for the death of someone mentally Ill because the whole situation could’ve been avoided, hence God wasn’t protecting anyone, if he exists he would be aware that Jordan was murdered

  11. BS 2nd degree Manslaughter he out right murdered a black man with no remorse I hope God intervene and show this guy is a murderer period

    1. No. Give him a medal.
      He took out a scumbag criminal who had a history of violent attacks on elderly women on the subway.

  12. See something say something NOT see something do a cops job. True definition of doing to much.

  13. As a vet nothing about turning yourself in for murder is a good thing and dont use this mans military service to paint him as a honorable guy.

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