Biden said things at the border will be chaotic. Mayorkas weighs in

Title 42 has officially expired. It was used three million times to turn migrants away from the US. Now, immigration officials are bracing for what comes next. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas weighs in on how the department is handling the massive influx of migrants that has American border communities on edge, worried an already challenging humanitarian crisis will worsen as crossings climb. #CNN #News


    1. Only a Republitard would think policies and economies switch off-and-on between Presidential administrations like a light switch

  1. Imagine having faith that this guy really has a plan. Besides just releasing migrants in facilities into the country freely. To make room.
    That is his plan.

  2. They had to cut the Town Hall with Trump short because CNN lost control of the Narrative. Its not about News with CNN, its controlling the narrative that is most important.

    1. They count on never allowing Trump to defend himself as their false narratives and accusations fall apart.

  3. Remember when all we had to worry about was a virus that 99% of 80 year olds survived, 2% interest rates, and 0 US banks collapsing? We traded that in because of mean tweets😫

  4. Biden summed up his entire administration with that one word. Chaotic to say the least.

  5. Who do these dummies think they’re fooling? 🤬 It is amazing what is going on and they all just stand there and LIE ABOUT EVERYTHIING

  6. “The border is closed and we are executing our plan, it is congresses duty to fix this”

    Interpretation. The dem party has been in the majority for 2 years and knew this was coming. It is our goal to “finish off america” and this is our plan.

  7. I’m still laughing about the Trump Town Hall. Too funny. And the worst part is that CNN had its best rating in over a year with the town hall.

  8. As a hardened left-wing Democrat 🤔
    I’m so upset seeing what is happening to our country 😳
    There’s only one guy who can sort this mess out 🤔
    Trump you have my blue vote 🗳 👍👍 please make America great Again 🇺🇸

    1. @☁POPULATION-_-420🌿
      “You’re a raaaacist”! The typical argument of every liberal to anyone that disagrees with them.😂😂😂

    2. I appreciate your honest comment. I’m an independent and not a huge fan of Trump, but he got things done for Americans!

    1. He’s laughing to the bank with creature comforts you could only dream of. Keep booing, though. I bet you’re really getting through to him😑

    1. You haven’t figured out news is 20% actual news, 30% mocking those who disagree, and 50% context manipulation? Wow… well, you do now.

    2. @UltimateLifeFormJoseph When did I say anything about the news? Maybe you should learn to read ds.

  9. The government has an obligation to make sure there is not chaos. We are citizens and demand law and ORDER or we will take the action necessary to protect ourselves and our country! I’m a Democrat

  10. How can you continually blame????? No accountability and the worst part is the media just helps them

  11. You can’t say that you’re for any people when they are living in those kind of conditions. It just shows that we’re all pawns in a sick game that they are playing and they’re playing with us all

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