‘Game changer’ missile triples the range Ukraine can strike Russian forces from

The United Kingdom has delivered multiple “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Ukraine, giving the nation a new long-range strike capability in advance of a highly anticipated counteroffensive against Russian forces, multiple senior Western officials told CNN. CNN’s Brian Todd reports. #CNN #News


    1. If Ukraine gains ground in the south near melitopol they will be within striking range of the bridge ,

    2. Yep it would much more fun if putin nukes kyiv and there uk or us would initiate nuclear exchange. That would be a noble way to die for sa many. And not let Ukraine fight alone for world peace

    1. You just can’t contain your excitement😂 not even a party to the conflict?😂

  1. This is significant. It means that Russia has to move their storages further back, which will stretch their supply lines further. Logistics wins wars.

    1. @james lyddall its funny because its not significant. ukraine doesnt stand a chance on its own. If the world wasnt gifting them money, and weapons of death, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    2. @mycamguy  Why is it not significant? The mere threat of their supplies being blown up will scare the Russians to move it back further from the front. Those weapons are helping Ukraine win even before they are fired.

  2. Ukraine got the Storm Shadow with shortest range. The less fuel, the more explosives. And vise versa. Expecting Big Badabooms💥💥💥

    1. It got the standard version. Stop posting gibberish. The longer range version is exclusively kept for UK or French needs.

    2. Correct, Ukraine received the export version with less than 300km range. The longer range version is not kept for the UK and France but are also used by other NATO countries, but are covered by addition arms export treaties due to their range. 155 miles is roughly 250km, which is far less than the the standard 300km+ range Storm Shadow/SCALP.

    3. @Josh

      The plus 300km range in not the standard version. It is the adapted version which is being upgraded to meet future needs. The standard version therefore is obsolete to UK defence plans, and ideal for Ukraine.

      You’re lying. Stop it!

    4. @Mark Haddow Incorrect. The version used by UK/France/Greece/Italy is the original (standard version) and has a reported 300km range. The later export version (such as those received by Egypt) have less than 300km range. This means Ukraine received the non-standard export version with 250km range. I’m not lying, you’re ignorant.

    1. our military assistance makes Ukraine stronger, after half a year Ukraine once again begins a counter-offensive to liberate its territories from the occupiers, the past offensive has brought good results to the Ukrainians, so we must increase military assistance, that with the help of this offensive Ukraine could liberate more territories

    1. Why so Russia could use that as an excuse and attack them but guess who’s coming to save your asses

  3. As a long time resident of the US (83 yrs) and a Navy vet, I am proud of what the US has done to help Ukraine, but…….I believe we could do so much more and are way to slow to act. First say we want Ukriane to WIN this war. Then give them what they need to just that. Give them long range artillery shells, give them aircraft…sending 31 Abrams tanks? Give them 200 of them. It not like we don’t have them. Quit worrying about how Putin will react…he shoud be concerened about what we will do next. I understand this is expensive but it is certainly cheaper than being drawn directly into the conflict. They are dying for all of the free world. STOP PUTTING LIMITATIONS ON THEIR SUPPORT. Help them WIN. Finally a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the United Kingdom for leading the way.

    1. “he should be concerned about what we will do next.”. What an excellent point. Putin is in a losing war, it’s time to start acting like it.

  4. Storm Shadow was originally designed to take out command ‘bunkers’. It can penetrate 1.8 metres of reinforced concrete before it explodes. They do not rely on conventional navigation systems. They fly very low and are difficult to track.

    1. It is crucial that we provide Ukraine with more weapons. Failure to do so now could lead to a more severe conflict in the future. We must stop Putin’s aggression and prevent the death toll from rising, and that will only happen if Ukraine achieves a complete victory and regains its 1991 borders.

  5. I kinda doubt they will waste storm shadows on artillery. There probably are no large concentrations of howitzers somewhere to be targeted, and targeting individual howitzers would be an unbelievable waste. I expect they will target large supply depots and command bunkers farther behind enemy lines. These things can penetrate several meters of concrete.

  6. British weapons always had cool names:

    Storm Shadow – (stealth cruise missile)
    Spitfire – (air superiority fighter aircraft)
    Hurricane – (fighter / interceptor aircraft)
    Typhoon – (multi role fighter aircraft)
    Tornado – (interceptor / bomber aircraft)
    Meteor – (world’s first Jet fighter)
    Hunter – (fighter aircraft)
    Starstreak – (man portable surface to air missile)
    Puma – (attack helicopter)
    Lynx – (attack helicopter – still holds the world speed record for helicopters)
    Watchkeeper – (spy drone)
    Wildcat – (tactical helicopter)
    Merlin – (tactical helicopter)
    Sea King – (tactical helicopter)
    Whirlwind – (ground attack aircraft)
    Nimrod – (means skillful hunter – patrol aircraft)
    Bloodhound – (surface to air missile)
    Blue Steel – (nuclear missile)
    Brimstone – (means the smell given off by lightning strikes – cruise missile)
    Firestreak – (air to air missile)
    ALARM – (Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile)
    Fireflash – (air to air missile)
    Martel – (meaning forceful person, hammer – air to surface missile)
    Rapier – (a thin light sharp sword used for thrusting – surface to air missile)
    Red Top – (infra red air to air missile)
    Sea Eagle – (surface skimming anti ship missile)
    Harrier – (a person who engages in persistent attacks on others or incursions into their land – vertical take off and landing fighter aircraft)
    Skyflash – (air to air missile)
    Tigercat – (surface to air missile)
    Blockbuster – (4,000 lb bomb)
    Grand Slam – (earthquake bomb)
    Tall Boy – (another earthquake bomb)
    Blue Danube – (air dropped nuclear bomb)
    Red Beard – (free-fall tactical nuclear weapon)
    Red Snow – (thermonuclear weapon)
    Violet Club – (air dropped nuclear weapon)
    Yellow Sun – (air dropped strategic nuclear weapon)
    Buccaneer – (a type of pirate – carrier based attack aircraft)
    Dragonfire – (direct energy laser gun)
    Dambuster – (water skipping bouncing bomb)

    1. You forgot the new toy developed with U.S. military. Code name “Stryker”. It’s a laser weapon with unlimited power, missiles are old school 😮

    2. You left off Mosquito, also a cool name, but annoying in real life, and deadly through spreading dozens of blood-borne diseases to humans.

    3. This includes a concerted effort to enhance the supply of weapons to bolster their defense capabilities

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