Daughter Of Death Row Inmate Talks New Firing Squad Execution Bill

South Carolina is close to passing a bill that would add the firing squad to the list of the state's execution methods. Alexandria Moore, the daughter of death row inmate Richard Moore, and Moore's attorney, Lindsey Vann, join Craig.

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Daughter Of Death Row Inmate Talks New Firing Squad Execution Bill


    1. @SkyGemini I think you should get back to work on your back and leave the commenting to those who actually matter

    2. @R.R.N. EliteNugz That describes you and your nutjob wannabe Republicans perfectly Thats why no one takes you seriously or care for your well beaing

    3. @H.P Lovecat OK COOL! Then if a man doesn’t want a baby he shouldn’t also be able to opt out right? I mean he didn’t want those “clump of cells” or “parasite” in the first place so he should be able to opt out if you can simply terminate it right?

    1. @The Unspoken do you know what “industrialized” means? We are still one of the only countries that produces jet engines and jumbo jets.

    2. @Kevin Ok but lordy you used to be and should be the #1 producer of everything. I can’t believe Trump or Biden haven’t been able to lure manufacturing back. As if we wouldn’t pay more for a well made American product just like we used to.

    3. @The Unspoken no, we won’t pay more for American-made products, and we never did (unless we were forced to). This goes all the way back to the protective tariff during the antebellum period.

  1. Shortage of drugs when they have not executed anyone in 10 years? How about we just have a town meeting in the middle of the village bring the children and use a guillotine? Let’s grow up and figure out how to be more humane.

    1. “Let’s figure out how to be more humane” towards humans that have committed some of the most vile acts known to mankind? Lol. Don’t be so naive. Save the taxpayers money, a round is cheaper than keeping them alive.

    2. There’s a shortage because all the lethal injections are going into these vaccines lol. 🤔

    1. I would use a different word for foolishness. This is the intentional infliction of needless pain.

  2. Judge needs to take a look at this. Pretty sure the death penalty was misused in this case.

    1. Most DEATH PENALTY was handed down to BLACK MEN,stop killing our men the so called justice system needs to STOP ALL EXECUTION

  3. “Facing a shortage of the drug”
    Bs. This country is simply obsessed with death and suffering.

    1. No, there’s a shortage because all the lethal injections are going into the vaccines lol. 🤔

    2. Who’s on death row in SC in fact who’s the next white guy up?? I promise you after his firing squad.. they’re gonna get rid of it.. bills like this are written with racist intentions.. but what people fail to realize is whites are in prison also and on death row..

    3. @diane shelton which drug I are you referring to that palliative care patients can’t ? I tried to find some information on it but can’t find any . I question if that’s even true.

  4. America just finding more ways to keep the NRA happy, even if it means traveling back in time 😈

    1. Exactly what I keep saying! Glad I’m not the only one who sees right through this. Republicans just want that NRA money coming in, so they have to get the gun sales up, even though the country is increasingly more and more opposed to guns.

    2. @Stephen Cold Bear there already up thanks to the continuing efforts of the democrat party to divide the country… the country isnt opposed to firearns at all..
      Small fraction of people that think they can take away people consitutional rights are…

    3. @Stephen Cold Bear I’m in Europe. I have to keep reminding myself that America is not a third world shithole.

    1. @Christopher Lane you may be right. I was willing to give my life serving my country. I know for a fact I would have gave up my life in exchange for justice. And I never miss.

    2. For racist hate filled fascists giving Rhodes trash talk, innocent people have been executed by a systemic racist judicial system. People implying she is criminal are the real criminal mindset who proudly promotes injustice while desecrating democracy.

  5. They’re living in the dark ages, down there. Can’t they just give them a bunch of tranquilizers?

    1. @colesrk I mean if they’re beyond help and need to be put down, putting them to sleep is the best way unless they Deserve worse. But in general, the legal system must be changed to reintegrate individuals back into society. Locking someone in a box is Only going to make things worse. Usually. I went to jail once and that was enough for me.

  6. Corporates could had still made money off of him by keeping him in prison. (Or don’t you believe in America)

  7. ‘A society should be judged not by how it treats its outstanding citizens but by how it treats its criminals.’

    1. @Sons Of Atlus The death penalty doesn’t work, if it did there wouldn’t be any death row inmates as candidates.

    1. @Candace Dawn The purpose of a prison isn’t rehabilitation its to *Punish*. Recidivism occurs for systemic reasons and requires systemic reforms to prevent.

      Human life is precious, and when you have an industry thats designed to disregard this fact the effects reach further than the prisoner who’s put to death. This must be understood for us to move forward.

    2. No we just need speed up the process for those on death row..
      Prison isnt for rehabilitation for crimes consist for the death penalty…

    3. has anyone in your family been killed or assaulted ? …my mother was cut & robbed ..the cops caught the monster ..but the judge let it go on probation …no prison time ….guess why !!

  8. I’m so glad after I graduated college I moved back to Jersey. South Carolina is like stepping out of a time machine that puts you back in the 60’s!!! It’s so much overt poverty it’s sickening. The standard of life and living there is terrible. Good luck finding a job that pays you more than 27k a year with a masters degree! Poverty is the driver of all crime! In most places there isn’t a middle class there. It’s the haves and have nots. Segregation still exists there with invisible lines and unspoken rules.

    1. On YouTube, I’ve been encouraging democrats to move out of red states, and into blue. If you can’t fight them, leave them.

    2. @don juan At this point, I’m ready to Balkanize the country and live in an area with kind, tolerant people who can think critically.

    3. Im also from New Jersey and I have always been “Frightened” in regards to
      South Carolina. When travelling up I-95 I always made an effort to NOT STOP in South Carolina. Once when riding Greyhound, I chose not to step off the bus during a rest stop in South Carolina. The level of historical cruelty to “Others” crossed over to inhumane and barbaric. As a grown man, I still boycott that State. RIP Denmark Veasey !!

  9. I think the biggest reason that the death penalty is wrong is that our justice system is so corrupt and flawed that inmates must continue to be treated with some presumption of innocence even after conviction.

  10. That’s one of many, many reasons we here in Canada abolished the death penalty back in the early 70’s – sometimes juries/judges/courts get it wrong.

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