1. Hey…. I was told Jared had fixed this …. that Jared had brought peace to the Middle East….. ))

    1. He did normalise relationship between Arab world and Israel which none of the presidents was able to do. But, Israel just gets greedy and want to get more land and this is what we have now…

    2. @Arjun Nagarajan Not really, he stood and had his photo taken while two nations who had never been at war and had an active trade between their countries signed an agreement.

  2. Thanks for not letting up, Ayman. The world needs more journalists like you to hold people to account.

    1. @KK X Exactly. That said, this madness needs to stop. Every 5 years or so, hundreds of people die for what I would call a “childish” dispute.
      “She hit me!”
      “Well, she hit me first!”
      “But she!!!! hit meee!!!!”
      Cooler heads must prevail. There are no borders.

    2. @KK X No, demanded answers to the actual questions he asked. Whereas this Netanyahu advisor instead just filibustered.

    1. He won’t answer because he knows the world won’t like the answer which is they’re ethnically cleansing Jerusalem with aid from the USA

  3. This is what they have done for thousands of years. It reminds me of the Trail of Tears, Cherokee’s where removed by our own Gov. Repeatedly for years.

  4. There’s 4 groups of folks who it isn’t wise to make any comments about, and this is one of them. Good Day.

  5. Wasn’t it suggested Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize for the peace in the Middle East???

    1. Yes, I believe the Nobel Peace Prize went to the World Food Programme, and that fellow Hunter Biden ran the US office of the Programme.

    2. He actually DID help promote the peace in the Middle East! But it has nothing to do with the dispute with the Palestinians, backed by Iran!

  6. This guy is unbelievable. The entitlement he’s expressing here just in the way he talks to the reporter… interrupting him over and over and over, and then when the reporter tries to redirect him finally when he’s diverting the conversation, he say “you didn’t interrupt the other guy… you keep interrupting me… you won’t let me finish a sentence..”… This is hard to stomach, and I live halfway around the world.

  7. I dont know whats the journalist name but he has balls to confront the ambassador of israel like that , hes always deviates the questions 🤦🏽‍♂️

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