Daughter Of Missing Woman In Condo Collapse: 'There's A Lot Of Hope' 1

Daughter Of Missing Woman In Condo Collapse: ‘There’s A Lot Of Hope’


Vaughn Hillyard speaks with Maggie Ramsey, whose mother is missing in the Florida condo collapse.
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    1. She was Latina then she became white quickly. Love how she says Delgado but as a white man I don’t like how she pretends to be white.

    2. @T Holmes  Weird what people choose to focus on in the face of an ongoing tragedy likely costing over 100 lives.

    1. Remember!! That people are found Alive after Earthquakes.. the Nation is Praying for all families God be with Your Families

  1. You want to know something real freaky?
    Try finding Qanon on the internet.
    Not people that believe in Qanon. I mean actually find where the actual Qanon says things.
    It doesn’t exist.

    1. Cajek – only thing I found was an article that says, “Q’s last post came on December 8, about one month before the Capitol riot, which consisted of a link to a pro-Trump YouTube video (since deleted).”

    2. QAnon is a toxic rumor mill in which the delusions of its victims/perpetrators cycle in a toxic and expanding stew of hate and fear. That is has no rational source does not diminish its very real danger.

  2. After watching that video it’s extremely hard to believe anybody not on the top floor made it out

    1. @ruth depew yes… the building wasnt pulled out from under, it fell over several seconds. If anyone has a chance its the people up top, not the people crushed by 12 floors of concrete slabs

    2. I’d say the top floor is least likely to survive. The 9/11 hotel proves you can survive if the building walls stay sturdy enough. Very small pocket in that case after both towers fell, and amazing to think that one stayed standing even in that reinforced area.

    1. That’s nice of you, but that is never enough and won’t undo what happened. I gave up praying decades ago.

  3. At the pace rescues are moving it will take weeks to uncover survivors these people don’t have weeks they have days.

    1. @T Holmes I thought about that earlier China would have hundreds of people they would be moving that pile very quickly and have more than enough people to have 3 shifts working 24/7 .

    2. @T Holmes they work like worker ants they are probably backed up by worker ants with machine guns

    3. @T Holmes There’s incredible instability and they must proceed slowly and cautiously. There are experts on scene that can provide the most informed actions. Imagine if they cause a collapse that kills rescuers and completely destroys hope to locate survivors.

  4. i don’t understand how they still state 159 missing, 4 dead. the assumption would be, that a majority of the 159 missing are also dead, wouldn’t it?

    1. It’s the most humane reporting for the affected until there is confirmation. We unaffiliated know that the likelihood is scant but miraculously some survivors may be found.

  5. This is the direct sonic effect from the 40,000 ton bomb explosion off the coast of Florida made by the US aircraft carrier.

    American military is bombing Americans

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