1. Surely… not as good as it ever was.🥸Flashback—Tump is Burning Down The House‼️ Thank you David and Ari~that was cool…🌎💚✌🏽

  2. Ari, this is great! Love the insights, you ask the right ?s; same things i would ask. i hope this really takes off for You.💝

    1. Nice to see some of the arts being discussed (specially w/ David Byrne) instead of the same ol’ silly political fodder.

  3. Loved Talking Heads growing up. Fantastic music that always had a strong message. Thank you David Byrne. You add such value to music, art and humanity. Sending positive human energy from South Africa.

  4. Lucifer’s soft machine, heart strings, a death camp public announcement system, how soft machinery reassuring.

  5. What a legend and a humbled man. I dig this. I remember Johnathon Richman and one of his or two. Left to go to Talking Heads.

    1. Agree, a fine interview. Thought Jonathan Richman started the neo-punk band Modern Lovers…never played in Talking Heads that I know of. At most, they might of passed each other @ CBGB’s. Check out David Byrnes: American Utopia (on HBO).

  6. It’s a simple process, the devil’s duckling’s have to gloat, gloat, gloat, head high, ducks in a row, on the way along the shining path to Traitors pearly Gates white house, dissenting voice white out, a censorship blizzard. The most self righteous bunch that ever lived and breathed.

  7. A “Remain in Light” reunion would be interesting. I loved that period with the African influence.

    1. Then check out his newest project: David Byrnes: American Utopia. The band he put together for this amazing show…is a very unique concept, there is plenty of rhythmic drumming methods used like in Stop Making Sense….but even better!

  8. Just imagine what the world would be like, if we follow David’s advice and always looked forward instead of looking back pining for the past?

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