David Johnston appointed as Canada’s special rapporteur | Foreign election interfrence

Former gov. gen. David Johnston has been named the special rapporteur, who will look into allegations of foreign political interference.

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  1. Where does he fall into the liberal cabinet? And where any other parties contacted to make sure they picked an impartial person? On the plus side I didnt expect to see an appointment till april

    1. @David Brassard not a donor junior, literally a board member

      On their website right now, listed as a board member

    1. Because it is a scholar-centric foundation and Johnston had been a university law professor for 45 years and a high ranking authority in several universities and collegial organizations. Johnston was a conservatively appointed governor general.

  2. can’t wait for him to annouce what we all knew, that trudeau won fair and square without any impact from beijing.

  3. Here we go results now! EVERY thing is ok no problems nothing we didn’t know about move on nothing to see here! ……. ” Justin is that what I was suppose to say”

  4. Rapport: a friendly, harmonious relationship

    especially : a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy

    David Johnston is a member of the Trudeau Foundation.

    They definitely have rapport…

    1. @ryan radcliffe oh my apologies please write the proper name below. I’m sure it will sound much less biased.

  5. No we don’t want a special rapporteur we want a open Public Inquiry has Canadians we need the thruth not hiding behind close door

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