David Plouffe: Some Republicans Are Extending The Pandemic 1

David Plouffe: Some Republicans Are Extending The Pandemic

Former Obama aide David Plouffe and former adviser to McCain and George W. Bush, Mark McKinnon, discuss the stances from some Republican governors – particularly Rick DeSantis in Florida and Greg Abbott in Texas – on the Covid pandemic.'» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 and without any more value menu! LMFAO .. I helped Maya paint her house, before she was married with children and famous! A fantastic heart and a great person.. her mom was Minnie Ripperton, whose song, Loving you is easy, because your beautiful, was written about baby Maya! Have a great night

    2. @g0679 Idiocracy, the film, is now airing on YouTube for free.. Thank you for that one Mike Judge! Brilliant.

  1. 82% of Canadians older than 12 have received 1 dose.
    72% have received 2 doses.
    Canada had 4 deaths yesterday. Florida alone had 357.
    Good Luck America.

    1. Well, i’m sure we can all agree that Florida is really beyond help or reason. Just let them die and after enough of them have died, the epidemic will end in that state.

    2. No, I checked. You have to have a skill/job offer. I’m hope to be going, but it’s going to take a while. I’m a Emergency Department RN, so I have a marketable skill. I take a huge pay cut, but it’s worth it to have free medical care for life. Plus, more people who care about climate change. Generally, Canadians are smarter because they know to follow the science. For Canadians, living over the US is probably like living over a meth lab whose occupants are well armed intellectually delayed sociopaths.

  2. Stable Genius: “And before you know it, it will be gone by Easter.”
    Maga cult: “Not if we have anything to say about that!”
    Corona: **drool**

  3. Let me put as bluntly as I can.
    People outside USA consider right wing Americans as being hopelessly stupid, and this is the general opinion of most people in the world outside USA.
    If I had the unfortune of being American, I would move to another country ASAP and would not tell anyone that I was American.
    I cannot think of anything as embarrassing as admitting to be American today.

    1. Yes your right Canadian here and we watch with disbelief as stupidity reigns supreme in America . Turning a public health emergency into a political weapon is insanity we are approaching 80 of our population fully vaccinated because we are intelligent enough to to understand that fighting the virus and following public health recommendations is not political and is in the best interest of all Canadians

    2. To be fair though, if an American is a Democrat then we still respect them, it’s only if they are republican that we just cant even!

    1. @hopydaddy You see when you watch fake news you’ll never hear real news. When you believe fake news you spew fake news. I was only repeating real news. Hypocrisy is the new norm when it suits your narrative.

    2. @Golden’s rule ask your elected representatives that keep this culture war going how many of them got vaccinated.

    3. Trump got vaccinated. Lindsey Graham got vaccinated. These people get vaccinated in secret because they don’t want to lose elections.

    4. @Golden’s rule , That’s funny, because I couldn’t have said what you just said better myself. When you keep saying “fake news” you really meant Farce News, Newsmax, OANN, etc… Wake up from delusion.

  4. Ron DeSantis has proven ONCE AGAIN that he’s a p.o.s.?? Wish we would’ve known this b4 electing him..

    1. @Marc F. Nielssen Desantis is Republican that was the only reason people in Florida voted for him . Desantis also lied and said he was pro-life. Desantis is pro-death.

  5. deSantis is just trying to stay ahead of Abbott’s jealousy of becoming the worst and most incompetent current ‘Governor’

    1. You’re afraid of everyone and think a cloth do nothing mask will save you. Between covid and climate change the leftist death cult only scares itself

    2. @Eric Grahamthese two with Noem and other politicians are making America the Florida of the world. If Florida was a country, it would the worst case rise anywhere

    1. @john emeigh It was Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who came up with that quote; not Eric Holder.

    2. @I Voted – Thank you. I read it first from Holder; it wasn’t Trump. It’s no surprise to me it came from “Winnie”. I’m Scottish and he’s had some winners.

  6. Im giving up my life for the children of Florida.
    Desantis is nuts. He opened up a clinic to further this Delta along. He got the vaccine making money off dieing kids and ppl. Now he says
    Oh we need to monitor this..
    I say he should work in a hospital. He wouldnt last a day. He needs to go on a cruise. One that doesnt come back

    1. @g0679 another Trump plant to destroy our country. He is definitely and desperately trying to dismantle the post office to privatize it so he can purchase.
      He needs to go!!!

    2. We should give it to your country I agree if these don’t want it. We should give it to other countries

    3. That’s exactly what I think we (USA) should do! Give the Republicans’ vaccines to countries who need it.

  7. Yesterday DeSantis announced he obtained remdesivir as a theraputic. Now we just found out Rand Paul’s wife bought a bunch of stocks in Jan 2020 from insider info. So after DeSantis was told defying administrators’ salaries would be paid through covid releif funds, two days later he announced remdesivir has been purchased. Mmmm what’s that stench?

  8. Lustening to DeSantis makes you vomit. How cynical one can be. This guy for President amd the world is done.

    1. Daaaah-Santis, reminds me of the secretary of state guy in the movie Idiocracy. Shoot…Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho would had been a better president than Jaundice-45.

    1. @Ron K DeSantis is right behind Donald Trump, Greg Abbott is right behind DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene is right behind Abbot.

    2. @Jacob Tanner Correct. But he did ban a mandate for schools is the issue. Especially those in school who can’t get vaccinated.

    1. Once again, the Globalist Corporate Imperialists and their lackeys in the media and political parasite classes, will pit nation against nation, race against race, hemisphere against hemisphere, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed to achieve global hegemony, and the perpetuation of their privilege.

  9. I’m Irish living in the UK and glad I’m educated enough to do my own basic research, I looked to see if my local hospital is becoming overwhelmed…simple ! Maybe America needs to spend more money on education and not prosperity christians, political donations and crack.

  10. DeSantis talks of children in intensive care from Covid in percentages that are too low to matter. I’ll bet every child would matter if one of them was his.

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