DC Mayor Bowser: Perpetrators Of Shootings Will Be ‘Brought To Justice’ 1

DC Mayor Bowser: Perpetrators Of Shootings Will Be ‘Brought To Justice’


DC Mayor Muriel Bowser joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the increase in gun violence in the DC area, including a Friday shooting that killed six-year-old Nyiah Courtney and a shooting outside of National’s Park on Saturday. Mayor Bowser says that they are “focused on finding the perpetrators of this violent crime” and the city of DC is committed to bringing them to justice.

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DC Mayor Bowser: Perpetrators Of Shootings Will Be ‘Brought To Justice’


  1. I cannot believe what’s going on. A little girl was was shot and lost her life. How many more people will find themselves victims. I lack the words. Will it ever end…?

  2. Nut cases running around with semi automatic weapons with large magazine capacities ?
    Well there’s your problem

    1. @Pohaku Mana Qanon didn’t murder a hundred children in Chicago last year. Qanon isn’t murdering children in New York, or Detroit, or Baltimore or anyone of dozen other cities run by democrats. I don’t think inner city children have anything to fear from Qanon. Now BLM is another matter.

    2. @J C. What do the murders of the inner city children have to do with radicalized nut cases? That’s silly. The FBI would be of more use to people in the inner cities if they would round up, and imprison these gangsters. That would free them from the criminal element.

    3. @Pohaku Mana Lol, I GUARANTEE your average hourly inner city shooting isnt committed with an “automatic military weapon” or by anyone other than a member of the “communit-tay”.

    4. @Harry Longabaugh Why did you leave out Jacksonville, Ft. Worth, Fresno, Colorado Springs, Mesa Az, Oklahoma City, Omaha, MIAMI? Crime free? lol

  3. My condolences to the family. Losing a child is the hardest thing to deal with. I lost my 14 year old daughter in 07 from a stroke. It still hurts. If I can help in any way please contact me

  4. It is SAD, that our children pay for our mistakes, How can I see the Mote in my eyes, looking at the beam, in my Brother’s eyes?

  5. Wtf, a poor little 6 year old killed in a gun fight? This is just too much. There is a chance that this was a legal gun, who said it was an illegal gun? All guns sold must be test fired and a record made of the ballistic results, making guns more traceable, there must be ways of bringing down deaths and ending gun violence, I’m not saying get rid of all guns before anyone thinks of jumping in with the old 2nd amendment all I’m saying is that there needs to be a way of catching people who murder with guns. It is fine to defend yourself with guns, there are a lot of bad people with bad intentions out there unfortunately , but when a child is killed and no one will talk to police because snitches get stitches there must be a better way, efforts to get more local people to join local police so that there are links to communicate with the law?
    Weapons in the hands of dangerous people should be reported with rewards for the people who call it in and a promise to keep it anonymous?
    Local projects to help poor people to learn new skills to give them a hand up to help them earn money without having to break the law. Long term unemployment can make people do things that they would never have thought of doing but there seems to be no other options, I’m long term unemployed and I know how soul destroying it can be when you are reliant on benefits and something goes wrong with them, it feels like the end of the world so you will try anything to make that money.
    I hope they catch the killer, but if money is spent now we may be able to stop the killers of the future before they ever pick up a gun.

  6. You have the second amendment, you’re going to get 6-year olds shot on the street. It’s in the nature of things. Why pretend?

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