Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC


  1. “and one day like a miracle ivankas pants will disappear” – daughter diddlin demented Donny

    1. You keep lieing. Russia collusion was a lie started by Hillary to distract from her email scandal. Documents from John Brennan where he briefed Obama and Biden about Hillary plan. Msnbc or cnn never reported the documents

    2. @Ricky Powers whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa, Ricky-boy. You go ahead, keep living in the past. The grownups are busy

    3. @Ricky Powers …and it’s LYING not ‘LIEING’. strong word, you should learn to spell it before you spew

  2. Did the judge happen to ask what the goggles and gloves were for ? …we know what the zip ties were for…RESTRAINING PEOPLE !!! hmmm…any takers on what those were supposed to be used for?

  3. The price of treason is cheap, the ring leaders should be held accountable as well, this insurrection will live on into history for hundreds of years

    1. And antifa and blm burned down Kenosha Wisconsin and Minneapolis and got no time. Charges were dropped. Over 4 billion in damages. Antifa and blm are terrorists organizations

  4. They can try to play it down as much as they want…A LOT OF THE DISRESPECT HAS BEEN CAPTURED ON FILM ETC.

  5. Looking at any given MAGAt crowd, one is always reminded of ‘The Far Side’ & ‘Mad’ magazine cartoon folk…

  6. Traitors stormed the capital. We all watched live on television and other media platforms. Send them all to prison and toss the key. We lost in 2016 and didnt storm the Capitol. Poor little snowflakes.

    1. Yes, let him serve the same time as the longest convicted violator of the Capital Building on 6 January.

  7. Was he looking for Pence? Nancy? He is not a patriotic. Even lower level folks are guilty just by the intent to interfere with the election.

  8. When did the insurrectionists become protestors/rioters? Courage and strength. This is freakin ridiculous. People do more time passing a bad check.

  9. The female got 300 hours of community service after attacking the capitol. This guy only got 8 months in prison. Wow! Well! It shows how screwed up our judicial system is. Maybe he will make friends in prison. Sarcasm

  10. How dare they call themselves patriot rather than insurrectionist!! Icall them TRAITOR!!! MORE PRISON TIME!!

  11. But when are the ring leaders going to be charged, The dear Tax cheat leader and Rudy, Us Justice is a Joke. Can or will he be able to vote in the next election?

  12. Idk why they’re not all being charged w/ sedition or as traitors? If this gov’t doesn’t stand firm on these crimes they will DEFINATELY be back to try again ( and this time, possibly, win).

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