DC officer arrested for tipping off Proud Boys leader about his arrest

Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Shane Lamon was arrested Friday on federal charges of misleading investigators about his communications with Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio – including when the officer allegedly tipped off Tarrio about his impending arrest.
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  1. I’m sure Donald Trump will promise to Pardon this traitor , I mean “Patriot” if he becomes president again? LOL

    1. @American Patriot Nobody is starting a war over a reality tv host. He is not wanted you need to cope and conform

    2. @American Patriot – No, we want you to score over 75 on a standardized IQ test. STOP FAILING.

    1. They’re gonna look to their Dear leader who has left them out to dry😅 and their actually surprised 🙄

    2. @LoCo JoKa 2120 Like when Trump says he supports the police after he has them listen to a song he sang with a group of men that are in jail and being accused of assaulting Capitol police.

    1. That won’t help. There’s a law of averages at play here. How many law enforcement officers in the USA, how many of that percentage shouldn’t be a police officer. Its this way in every industry including healthcare. Overpopulation is a destructive force. It’s playing out.

    2. @Alpha Nerd The average value of a function over an interval is defined to be the integral of the function divided by the length of the interval.

  2. If Lamon was doing his job, he would have documented every call and Lamon’s surpervising officer would know about Lamon’s under cover work.

    1. It was painful to watch Mike Fanone twist himself in knots to try to make excuses for that guy.

    2. ” it’s possible he was trying to gain their confidence. ” . It’s possible I’m going to be the highest paid adult film star too.

    3. @Jude Larkin
      No, I think he did a good job of explaining openly discussable methods and operations of police humint, without exonerating Lamon.

    4. @danR maybe. The guy is presumed innocent but the facts don’t look good. I agree that it is possible that a police officer could do things like communicate with an informant in an encrypted app to give the informant the illusion that the conversation is just between them but it should be exactly that, an illusion. The conversation should be taking place on a police phone that that is administered by their IT department. Every one of those messages should have been in a police file. I think it’s pretty obvious that was not the case or he would not be facing charges. As a police officer, he should have known how that sort of interaction would look if he didn’t do it right. To me Fanone was trying to muddle the issue by blurring the line between legitimate police work and bad acting. He was freely giving examples of where that sort of interaction would be appropriate but he was being very cagey about where it would not be appropriate and who else should known about it. At the end, Fanone made this irrelevant statement about the officer’s role in preparation for January 6th, basically acting as the guy’s defense attorney.

  3. Common sense & logic SHOULD dictate that like termites, there are NEVER just one rotting the foundation. Jan 6th COULD NOT happen without some involvement of those in law enforcement that share their views.

  4. Michael Fanone is a valuable help in understanding the situation better and pointing out that Metropolitan Police Department’s Lt. Shane Lamon actions caused “raised eyebrows” if he were working under cover.

  5. I appreciate the efforts of law enforcement to bring these traitors and the collaborators to justice.

  6. This man endangered his fellow officers and everyone around Tarrio. He is a disgrace by any possible measure. Shame!

  7. “There are those who work forces, Are the same that burn crosses” – Rage Against the Machine.

  8. Michael Fanone is an incredibly intelligent well thought, serious, mature man. He can say so much important information in just a few sentences, where others just go on and on but actually saying nothing of substance. It would be great if Fanone ran for congress! We need more people like him in congress..

    1. @IYamWhatIYam “Politics in 2023 is a dirty biz”….Yes, it is, which is why someone like Fanone, in his rational calmness, taking time to answer a question, no soundbites, no interrupting or yelling, he never talks over anyone. This is what we need and after reading his book, I know he can handle “tough” big time, he is a very very strong guy, emotionally and physically..

  9. Don’t think Lamond has a leg to stand on. Lying to other police about his interactions is damming. Disturbing that this kind of compromise is at a level like this.

  10. If you’re trying to gather information on a potential suspect, then shouldn’t your higher ups know that to be the point of your operation?

  11. “we are working on identifying a number of people” – no they’re not – they could have tracked everyone with their cellphones IF they were actually trying to hold the attacker accountable – the only people arrested so far are the ones turned in by friends and family ..

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