Groom speaks out after his wife was killed on wedding day

The husband of a bride who was killed in a car collision on their wedding day in South Carolina spoke out for the first time in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America."


  1. This is just terrible. She was so beautiful. I can’t imagine how heartbroken he still is. I can only hope and pray that he can heal from the pain of his loss. May she rest in heaven and peace 🙏

    1. ⁠@j she’s just paying a compliment to the victim. She never said anything about a tragic accident being justified for unattractive people. It’s like if she said she liked waffles you’d automatically think she hated pancakes. Please log off.

  2. That’s got to be the most traumatizing thing to happen I’m not saying the worst, but it’s up there. For this reason. The whole idea of a wedding is hope and the future you envision. Losing his wife is unspeakable, but I think what’s even worse, is not only is his wife dead now. His spirit and total outlook on life is now broken. You can see it in his eyes. Happy man dancing with his wife about to start his future. To contemplating life itself I imagine at this moment……..

  3. May your family n friends be close and help you thru the difficult time’s. I’m so sorry

  4. I cannot begin to imagine the bride being killed, almost immediately after the wedding ceremony. The brides family, the groom, and his family, and even some of the attendants. Were injured badly when that woman hit the back of their vehicle.

  5. Irreplaceable love. It is better to have known her and lost her than to have never known her at all. And his heart will never forget her, thus she lives on in his heart forever… She would appreciate that fact.

  6. There are no words of condolence for such a loss but I am keeping you in prayer. Because, frankly, there is nothing else. Blessings!

  7. This pisses me off every time I see a story about this. They didn’t even get 24hrs to celebrate their union. I’m so sadden for the groom, the brides family and the bride. Their love cut way too short! 😢💔🙏🏾

  8. The only thing that takes away the pain of loss is the joy of connection. Try to reconnect to her.

  9. I hope he prevails in his lawsuits. The establishment(s) that continued to serve a drunk person deserve(s) to be out of business.

  10. This is heart wrenching. Accept my sympathy man. God heal your wounds and comfort you. Take heart!

  11. _WHAT human words could one possibly conjure to convey their joining sorrow? Sometimes the “deepest condolences” are simply silence._

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