DC Officials provide update on inauguration security | USA TODAY 1

DC Officials provide update on inauguration security | USA TODAY


Amid anticipation of possible violence over the weekend and at the presidential inauguration, The National Mall will be closed from 11 a.m. Friday through Jan. 21, the National Park Service announced Friday.

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  1. God Bless the United States of America and keep this great natión safe from evils in the name of Jesuschist amén where is Faith there’s victory together we are stronger America

  2. If you seriously need 20k troops to protect your inauguration from the PEOPLE, then you were not elected BY the people

    1. @PT Yao And those fools are for sure not in the majority. They are a brainwashed portion of people that we need to protect the will of our democracy from. And it’s a shame we even have to use officers to do that in the first place. Remember when people had common decency?

  3. Joe Biden is so loved by the public that elected him. He don’t need any protection. Troops GO HOME ! He’ll be fine.

  4. I notice most of the police chiefs and military high post are black Americans.That really is Black Lives Matter. Or they deliberately select the black Americans on TV to show they are racist free. Is that so? Irony!

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