Why was Trump impeached again? Plus an inside look at Inauguration security | States of America 1

Why was Trump impeached again? Plus an inside look at Inauguration security | States of America


On this week's episode of States of America, our reporters answer your questions about the 2nd impeachment of President Trump. We also dive into how the riots on Capitol Hill were considered a super spreader event, and how that's affecting current members of congress.
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  1. The world is a stage! It’s all a show! Put on by our demonic leaders. None of them care about us. They want a New World Order. Divide and conquer is all they do. Enslaving us. Fake pandemic to ruin the economy and ppl like myself. Shameful

  2. 2 failed impeachments with NO convictions. No evidence presented, no witnesses, no cross examination, no defense, Star chamber interrogations,
    History will not be kind to the 116th Pelosi congress and a corrupted press.

    1. History will not be kind to the President and his cult followers who took part in insurrection and seditious actions on the 6th Jan. due to his incitement. Real time filming doesn’t lie it’s all there no witnesses needed, phone call conversation with Georgia is all there, this leader has lost the plot and has incited serious insurrection his actions are treasonous no question!

  3. So, besides no witnesses, no cross examination, no defense allowed of the accused, and Star chamber interrogations last time, since that’s occurred again, let’s see someone provide the quote that then116th Pelosi Congress is citing as “evidence” [article] of impeachment?
    **Watch, NOT one quote will be provided, just dancing around the issue, mostly by unhinged lunatics **

  4. if the United States saw that the united states was in the United states, the United States would invade the united states to protect the united statesfrom the tyranny of the united states


    1. @Dimitri James Last I checked, the FBI wasn’t gathering intelligence on far left wing groups to start riots in front of their state capitol’s on Inauguration Day

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  7. Why was he impeached again? Because he incited a riot that stormed a government building and attempted to overturn a legal election. That is why.

    1. @David Sosa those were about police brutality and Injustice. That doesn’t excuse the riots or the violence or the destruction of property and loss of life. Not one bit. But the Trump supporters storming the building and committing violence all in an attempt to overturn an election result is an act of terrorism.

    2. @Fuzzy Wuzzy so killing the people who protect and serve like about 49ish btw not including all the small bussnise and Americans who died because they block the stupid roads is not domestic terroism bht storming the capital and breaking a few windows sadly ending 2 officers life is?

    3. @Fuzzy Wuzzy rules for thee and not for me also your more likely to be killed if your white by a cop then if you are black and George floyd died due to drugs not the knee to the neck and no the knee to neck was stupid the officer had no right to knee the guy down that’s against training and before you call me racist latino

    4. @David Sosa committed violence to overturn political election is the very definition of terrorism. And again this does not in any way excuse the violence committed over the summer. The violence committed over this summer was atrocious

  8. lmao, usa today deleted their last video due to truthful commenting that wasn’t going Biden/corrupted democratic way.

  9. He won’t be convicted. Impeachment doesn’t means he would be going to jail . It would take yrs of lawsuits.Breaking story… ! Your way of playing politics are repeated . A lot of noises, but ultimately, nothing would be done. Just to show the Americans that you are serious in your work and then after a long period of time, when attention is low, call it a day. Nothing will happen. 
    1950’s , talk about communism, MCCarthyIsm, black lives matter, Cold War. Now , again?

  10. Your senators pass judgement on others but the lobbying process takes place all the time in Senate or Congress. Let me ask u: aren’t lobbying similar to bribery. What is the difference? Explain!

  11. If you can make sure that all bad jobs of handling a crisis by the top men and women politicians were held accountable for their incompetence, then I will be pro – America. Why are your politicians not held accountable for the crime you commit. So many ppl died in the pandemic and no politician was held accountable. The strange thing is, the Americans citizens did not say anything about this matter. Very strange culture!

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