‘Dead kids can’t read’: Democrat slams GOP for banning books instead of guns #Shorts

U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, the Democrat who graduated from and represents Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, delivered a passionate critique of Republican policies, slamming them for lax oversight and ignoring gun violence in schools.

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  1. You don’t hunt (mule) deer with a .223 round because it doesn’t have enough power for ethical harvest. Saying it’s because there’s nothing left is almost as bad as saying a 9mm blows out the lungs.

  2. Tell me you don’t know anything about guns, without telling me you don’t know anything about guns.

  3. Also, an AR-15 isn’t used to hunt deer as often as a hunting rifle because it’s not powerful enough😂😂

  4. In addition to all the other erroneous thing he said, the 2nd amendment is not grounded in “hunting rights” but inalienable God-given rights. We gotta stop accepting that premise.

  5. You don’t hunt with a AR15 bc it doesn’t have take down power

    Shoot a deer with a 270 or 30-30
    Then shoot a deer with a .223
    Which hole is bigger?
    This dude has never shot a AR

  6. With all the problems with schools shootings how in the hell is it possible that somebody can get in the school .🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  7. I’ve never seen a gun kill anything, it’s the person using the firearm, who is the problem!!! Blame guns all you want, but in reality it’s the person who fires it!!!

    1. Cars don’t drive drunk and kill people either. Why do they all have to be registered and their owners complete drivers training and have to have insurance.?

    2. @elkhair7 my point is, it’s not the guns problem, but rather the mental health of the person holding it..

  8. I can’t take him seriously, not only because he’s wrong about the details (except dead kids can’t read) but how can I credit him with any legitimacy when he’s wearing that stupid carnival coat and still wearing all those chucky cheese prize silicone bracelets around his wrist.

  9. You would think one would educate themselves about a topic before arguing about it in front of the country.

  10. Broooooo if anything the AR round is somewhat perfect for hunting. You save more meat but you’re gonna have to track that deer for miles if it don’t fall right away

  11. Simple solution. You have to buy mandatory insurance to own a gun. Just like a car, the younger drivers have to carry the highest coverage. Let’s see who is the bigger lobby. Insurance or gun.

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