Kentucky anti-trans bill passes despite governor’s veto | USA TODAY

Kentucky's new anti-trans law bans conversations around sexual orientation or gender identity in schools, bans gender-affirming care for trans youth.

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Hundreds of LGBTQ+ youths and their allies, young and old, protested in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Kentucky’s Republican-dominated Legislature to let one of the nation's toughest anti-trans bills die. Their efforts were to no avail.

Shortly after gaveling in Wednesday afternoon, the Kentucky Senate voted to override Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's veto of Senate Bill 150, and little more than 30 minutes later, the House followed suit, making it law.

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  1. Kinda sad that a law like this is even necessary. It wasn’t 2 decades ago that these sorts of issues were just handled by common sense.

    1. @Obi1Classic Yeah I mean…remember the days when cutting was considered self-harm. Now if you want to lop off whole healthy body parts….that’s considered…..”reasonable and necessary healthcare.” The medical community has shown that they care more about making money than providing medical care with this. It is shameful.

  2. It’s sad that children aren’t allowed to make irreversible life changing decisions that could have adverse consequences for which they might later regret.

    1. @13eavuss what are you talking about? Since when have God given human rights to be treated equal and humane a state issue? Thats why we are in the position we are in as country because some people think a boarder should determine if someone lives, dies, votes, can’t vote, is treated humane or inhumane.

    1. Grade school revenge is truly what they’re bent on. They likely don’t even realize it.. (shocking)

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  4. These people getting mad at the bill proved they only care about themselves rather the protection of children from adult influences.

  5. The fact that there’s a bunch of screeching man-children or whatever the hell they wanna be called makes me think this was a good move considering who supports it.

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