Dec. 22: PM Trudeau address Canadians on COVID-19 response | Watch the full Update

The federal government intends to temporarily expand the eligibility of several support programs to apply to those impacted by new public health restrictions driven by the Omicron surge.

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  1. No no Justin we’re tired the working class is tired not the government officials who break their own mandates constantly.

    1. @Lindy Laroche Get off your high horse. You’re not saving anyone, just damning a great many to die miserably. Make the vaccines available, but not forced, and maybe we can talk about you being altruistic, but as of this moment you’re a villain.

    2. @Lindy Laroche you want to save more life ? dont buy all those ineffective vaxx dose and invest in the health care system directly, no coercion no lockdown and no segregation.

  2. The Omicron wave might be the best thing that has happened so far in this pandemic. It displaces the more dangerous variants and acts pretty much like the flu.

    1. after nearly 2 years if you believe there’s a single person in this world who hasn’t already been exposed to this virus…. like i don’t know what to say to you…. ….there’s a reason all these “new variants” are seemingly less deadly… its called “post infection immunity” a term that use to be common knowledge in the scientific community till a gag order was issued to prevent doctors from talking about it….

    2. @Sovran Monk least if you play scrabble and your stuck with these 7 letters o,o,r,n,i,m,c you know how to spell the only two words that use all those letters, Omicron & Moronic

    3. @Ray & J’s L.G.S “planned”? Just like small pox the government killed it off? Or do you just not understand pathology and how viruses mutate.

  3. Settle down everyone, gather around the rug please. Mr. Trudeau will now start story telling time. At recess you’ll all be getting cookies and juice, ok? Ok. Oh and after recess, Miss.Freeland will join in and show you how to draw with crayons. Ok? Ok. Run along now.

  4. What a horrible human being our supposed leader is. Why aren’t we doing everything we can to find a competent, intelligent, wise, hard working, ethical and moral and honest leader? We all need to do our due diligence in searching for a real leader.

    1. @Justin M in all fairness Trudeau was the best option. Same with the upcoming election. Doug Ford sucks but he is probably going to win because there isn’t anyone else running

  5. We have already seen that Omicron isn’t endangering our hospitals being overun. We can move on. Please stop attacking small businesses Justin. Mine will close when Walmart Closes.

    1. You probably said the same thing in April 2020 when hospitals were not yet overwhelmed. If you have never worked in a hospital treating pt’s don’t talk about things you don’t know.

  6. Totally out of touch with basic financial principles like: if you print lots of money out of thin air, everyone else’s real money is devalued. So thanks for that JT.

    1. @Izaak De Jager parliamentary privilege protects them from anything personally. Would take parliament itself to actually act. Don’t count on them opening up the door to anything like that.

    1. Like $3 per Canadian. Heck, sending every Canadian a package of Oreo cookies would be better spending of that money, I suppose.

  7. No Mr. Crime Sinister, I did not agree to “whatever it takes”. Scientists agree that we’d fight the virus better if you were a drama teacher again. Let’s try that.

  8. with more than 5000 views and less than 100 likes, its obvious the dislikes are super high. failure in all counts.

  9. Trudeau also said “The budget will balance itself” Trudeau is the worst thing that ever happened to Canada.

  10. The biggest outbreak is in the UK so far and a grand total of ONE person has died from the “omicron variant, oh and in S Africa, where omicron started, cases are actually down, I bet he didn’t tell you that.

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