Freeland explains expanded COVID-19 benefit eligibility 1

Freeland explains expanded COVID-19 benefit eligibility


Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland explains the government's temporarily expansion of lockdown benefits.

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    1. @Ryan Just wait my friend. This is middle of the line inflation right now, when hyperinflation hits (+20%) its all over but the crying.

  1. I’m self-employed and I’m in a party business where I go into peoples houses. For obvious reasons this has not happened. I wonder if I qualify for this?

    1. @Guy Pierce 🙄 government make difficult to qualify for help in Canada all governments Mafia are the same 😝👎

  2. Wonderful, so if I haven’t lost 50% of my income but my income is so meager to begin with that losing something like 15% to 25% of it is enough to reduce my income below my rising expenses then I get nothing while my boss gets to pocket w/e since we’re at half capacity?

    Remember when it was ‘two week to flatten the curve’.

  3. Having Freeland Explain anything to anyone is just a lot of wasted oxygen!! Exactly who is explaining anything to her??! Pathetic!!

    1. @D & H B…. I’m glad to hear the liberals have no quarrels of passing this debt into their grandchildren’s, children to pay for it. Now that’s waste breath trying to a liberal.

  4. We Canadians are not only frustrated with the lack of objectivity, callousness , unrealistic expectations OF the Federal. Government from reporters that do not acknowledge that they are not in UNITED STATES, THAT THEY ARE CANADIANS CITIZENS AND CANADA IS THEIR COUNTRY, WE CANADIANS ARE SO SORRY FOR THEM AND BLESSE OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND BEING CANADIANS .

  5. Why not lay ppl off instead of sending them home without pay?? These ppl are so grossly incompetent it’s beyond fixable at this point!!

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