Deceived by the Slickness & Quickness of a Black Woman | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 26 2022

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  1. I don’t think MJs comment was directed to just to Tobi but to ALL the times. Let’s be honest the number of PBs, SBs, and NRs was unordinary. People are just overrating.

    1. You and him have no point. if it was only in that heat one could understand but it was right across.

  2. His comments were uncalled for,why did he not complain about his country man Noah Lyse he never believed an African can do the impossible

    1. Africans aren’t known to be good at Track and Field. She was trained by a Jamaican lady as well. Everyone has a right to question this.

    2. @SlimThickaz what planet do you live on? Africans aren’t good at track and field? What you should say is, certain categories of track and field, with sprinting being one of them. And I am sure they have their fair share of sprinters who can compete and make an impression on the world stage. Many countries can’t run distance like Africans. Have you been paying attention to the T&F events over the years? That was a very arrogant statement you made. Jamaica is not the God of track and field in totality. There are events you have never won.

    3. @136760mas1 Jamaica won more metals than all of West Africa put together. There’s 2.9 of us and over 400+ million of you. I should ask what planet you’re on if you cannot see these things. We’ve been winning since the 80’s while y’all were nowhere to be found. Jamaicans and Americans dominate Track and Field.

  3. That is why they robbed the girl her additional $100,000 talking about wind over the legal limit. Johnson is a relic since Bolt obliterated his drug record. Now he us throwing shades at Lyles for just rubbing out his USA record lol.

    1. She got the $100,000 she broke the record twice, the first time it counted the second time was the wind aided one. $$

    2. In the final run, the wind limit was not legal but the world record that she set in the semifinals of 12:12 stands so she got the $100,000 for that in addition to the $70,000 for winning the race. It’s not the first, nor will it likely be the last, that an excellent run is wind aided. It happens but I’m glad that one of her runs was within the legal wind limit. Who knows, she may keep at it and break her own record in the future.

    3. @Be I Strong the point Lotstar is making is that the athlete was robbed in her view of a second $100,000.00 due to the fact it was determined that the second time was wind aided. If wasn’t for the wind she would have received $200,000

    4. @Lorraine Wilson Thank you very much Lorraine. The fact that the USA relic can utter “doubt” in the accurate clock, I cannot be sure that the powerful USA won’t choose to rob a poor little African.

  4. Same thing happened last year when Warholm mash up the 400m hurdles. He set a WR and it was a bunch of national and area records behind him, along with other PBs. My thing is, I’m 99.9% sure that thought wouldn’t have even entered his mind had Keni Harrison smashed her own WR. It would’ve just been another example of ‘American exceptionalism.’ That’s the part that’s so annoying, because their bias was on full, glaring display at every turn during this World Champs.

  5. Leave RACE out of this. What people don’t realize is Jamaicans, black people can be just as racist; and I am a black person saying this. There was nothing funny about this racist delivery. The Quickness of the female Nigerian athlete would have been sufficient.
    Can you imagine if this was delivered by a white person saying The quickness of a White woman. The heavens would have opened up. No, they would have named the athlete. I am so sick of the double standard.

  6. She did it twice in a day when did the clock tick faster in the preliminary or semi or the final or other track event? They always do that plus the other one?

  7. So idiotic that people are making this out to be about MJ being prejudiced against Tobi when he questioned everybody’s time, especially after the runners themselves expressed shock. Not sure how we got to this point in society where you can’t question an obvious anomaly of times.

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