Farmers’ Livelihood Under Threat | TVJ News – July 26 2022

Farmers' Livelihood Under Threat | TVJ News - July 26 2022 1


  1. I told Jamaican people that the government have no interest in the poor people of Jamaica.. and the prime minister will never come out and said anything, what damm shame, these foreign investors are taking over Jamaica

  2. What a shame 😔 The government DOES NOT care about it’s people at all. People need to stand up, fight back, strike and demand change. TVJ please continue to press the company and government for information regarding this matter.

  3. Residents in some communities in South Manchester faced the consequences of bauxite mining. Dust would stiffled the residents, cover their furniture’s and when residents speaks about it no one comes to their rescue. It is so SAD. The communities are not beneficial of the bauxite sector BUT Jamaica is heading in the direction to be like thise poor countries in Africa.
    Help us Mighty God.

    1. @Riko G
      The lands were sold by the foreparent which I believe was greedy and wasn’t thinking about their children’s children. I can tell you my grandmother was a superstar, when she was approached by the mining company she send them packing. If she didn’t where would her grand and great grandchildren be living now.

  4. So where is the government in this country wrong wrong so Jamaican have no talk on their own country

  5. The people in Jamaica are treated so poorly. No body to do any thing for them. No not another round table talk where nothing happens.

  6. Omg 😲 when your poor its really a crime my 💘 goes out to the 🚜 farmers of that community

  7. Pigeons were sent into coal mines to determine if it was safe to enter. If the Pigeons return it was determine ok for miners to enter
    Chickens are birds. If they are dying you humans will be next.

  8. Very sad there is coming a food crisis. We need to plant and grow our own food. Praise God for the farmers, they don’t want the farmers to plant.

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