1. Ok well trafficking is still illegal though so if the cops find someone with drugs will they not ask where did you get that from?

    1. Or does it even matter when they’re asking someone who isn’t doing anything wrong and isn’t under arrest?

  2. Oregon approved this decriminalization a year ago. Drug overdoses since up 540%. Thus is beyond stupid careless disregard for lives.

    1. Source required to support this claim yet no source ever required to support decriminalization as a solution.

  3. The province doesn’t want to police or deal with the drug problem: so legalize it. Death rates should continue to soar as the drug deaths far exceed coronavirus for each age group except for 70 plus.

  4. Hard time for dealers.
    Mandatory confined treatment for addicts.
    Enough of the window dressing.

  5. Shortsighted measure…just wait for the unintended consequences which are sure to come!!

  6. Its amazing you get 1 thing as a trail basically, then immediately turn around and shame the country for not following your trial.. not one person has still answered how allowing drugs stops addiction and overdose..

  7. This guy looks crossed eyed reading the promter .
    Opioid crisis yet the ones you manufactured this crisis are still walking free ?

  8. In Oregon they saw a 700% increase in overdoses and a massive increase in use and an increase in crime

    1. 540% 700% 300%, what one is it? everyone is saying different numbers. What is your source on that number?

    1. Perfectly put. You can also reduce the number of domestic abuse charges by just not responding to those calls. The number of domestic abuse arrests will go down and Canada will be a safer place. That’s how this works right? I mean it’s not like abusers would take advantage of decriminalized domestic abuse to abuse more right?

  9. So dumb…. every time I argue with someone over this they’re either ex addict or addicted. And they quit with methodone and suboxone not because it became decriminalized and more readily accessible.

  10. I drove down East Hastings last week. Looked like a War Zone for 4 blocks.
    Drugs are basically legailsed there for a while now.

  11. How in hell does decriminalizing street drugs do anything to help the opioid crisis ? Please explain.. but I’m doubtful it can be explained with any sort of common sense.. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. It doesnt. It just means they can artificially lower the “deaths by illicit drug use” statistic by redefining what drugs are illicit.

    2. Try looking it up. Or are you just here to lazily troll? Yeah… We all know the answer to that.

  12. Why would it end the opioid crisis? You might deter some middle men or low level dealing but its not going to lower usage or make it any safer.

    1. @Ian Potapoff Are dealers and traffickers really going to deal less dangerous drugs? There are no government heroin stores so the criminal element and incentive is still there. The market is as big. I dont see how this makes drugs safer.

    2. Legalization is different, decriminalization is all we need to change these policies in a major way.

    3. @Ian Potapoff And what exactly will decriminalization do? Theres still drugs available. Theres still a criminal element. How does it change anything?

    1. Let’s have the courage to be realistic. The parks are now empty, peaceful and clean for children and families. How Allah wanted it.

  13. Perfect 🥰 I always wanted to try hard drugs but the jail time kept me away…now I’m free to use and deal it. Thank You Ndp and Liberals.

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