‘Deeply Broken’: Chris Hayes On What Buffalo PD Video Shows About Culture Of Police | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes on video of Buffalo police pushing elderly protester: “In just those 15 seconds, that scene is an entire syllabus on how the culture of policing is broken. What has happened to it, and how it operates, and how it has essentially created a whole that is worse than the sum of its parts.” Aired on 6/5/2020.
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‘Deeply Broken’: Chris Hayes On What Buffalo PD Video Shows About Culture Of Police | All In | MSNBC


  1. The entire department just quit. Wow this is crazy. Because they are acting like they are in the right. This police culture is a gang. Wow

    1. Steve B nah they quit in “protest” of the other 2 officers getting suspended. Smh this is tragic times

    2. you have to remember, your police force is just a copycat copied version of the british police force, you stole the idea from us, and the british police started out as a protection rracket andthe police where a gang

  2. Blood on his head. So cowardly on the part of these 2 officers and the leader should be out of a job tomorrow. Police need a change of thinking.

  3. Coward – “a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things”
    It takes a big man to push down an old man?

    1. What was that stupid old dude trying to accomplish by approaching them??
      He must be the stupidest man alive

    2. Those round barricades along the street are the Hexwave security system first tested at the 2A protest in Virginia. Look it up

  4. This is Trump’s America. Police Brutality and taking away your civil rights. Keep taking to the streets America.

  5. Police cannot use “A Few Bad Apples” phrase, since they themselves are not willing to Prosecute the so call “bad Apples”
    Never Trust The Police – Always Video Record the Police, you could save a life!

  6. This is unbelievable. Whatever happened to, “To protect and serve” ? This is unconscionable, obscene, disgusting, infuriating, and criminal. Where is my country?

  7. 57 Officers have now stepped down from the unit in disgust..AT THE TREATMENT OF THE 2 SUSPENDED OFFICERS..but not from the force .. I say Fire them all . SHAMEFUL ! Anyone of us would be in jail if we did that to that man .

    1. They should be to participate in ‘The Experiment’ just to know what it’s like to be on the other side!

  8. to the officer who stopped the other officer from helping the old man ” what if this old man is your father !

  9. Fire every cop that left the task force in protest. If you think this is okay, you shouldnt be a cop.

    1. I wonder what the divorce rate eate is among police officers?! They take their Brutality home with them, too often. Marines too. Have ya ever met a former Marine?? They can barely behave normally because they have to play Billy Badass 24/7!

    2. @Annie Warbux the domestic violence rate among police officers is double the national average

  10. 57 cops _resigned_ from the Emergency Tactical Response team in protest of the two being suspended. So basically, they all condone shoving elderly people to the ground. That’s _57_ bad apples as far as I can see.

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