DeLauro: Family Tax Credit Would Begin The Process Of Cutting Child Poverty In Half | Hallie Jackson


  1. Can’t wait to see the clown impeachment trial to expose all criminal activities of the clown then it’s DOJ job to convict the clown justice matters@@

  2. “Cutting childhood poverty in half” in the richest nation in our history.
    Do the nations with less than us who do better for their children think that we’re pathetic? Because we are pathetic.
    “Do you think that including this will make it harder to get bipartisan support?”
    Just hearing this question leaves me feeling shocked, not at the question, but at the fact that I have become so jaded that this question seems almost unnecessary. Of course the Republicans aren’t going to show any concern for poor non-white children!

  3. Republicons will never go for that . They want the top 1% to have bigger tax credits . How can these multi millionaires be expected to live on just 4 million per month ?

  4. she wants to help poor minority children . . . what a monster smh. GOP leadership is cruel and their greed and deception to hold on to power and money shows no bounds. May God have mercy on the poor here.

  5. 4 years under Trump and the GOP passed the tax cut for 1% of the country. The other 99% will have to come up with the taxes that the RICH doesn’t have to pay to run our country.
    To put that into perspective. A person making $100k a year, and pays 30% tax, will pay $30k in taxes. A billionaire will pay less for every billion he makes, and instead of paying his 30% tax of 1 billion = $300 million in taxes. Tax equality is for ALL to pay the amount of tax they are liable for earning. It should be all across the board 30% for everyone at every level. One Billionaire not paying his taxes is = to 1000 people not paying their taxes who earn $100k a year. Now multiply that by how many billionaires not paying their full share of taxes. Can you imagine how much $300 million can go towards health care, infrastructure, paying our government run institutions, our schools, our police, firemen, and other federal workers? That’s only ONE billionaire!!

    1. @Uoffend Me You have no clue still. I quoted JFK because he is against Republicans and their lies. He is for equal rights and democracy. He is for the people. He served our country in the military and was assassinated while as our president. For you to hold him in low regard as John who? You disgrace the memory of him. And you are proud of it. JFK threatened the Russians we would go to war if they installed missile silos on Cuba. Trump and the GOP would have Putin install them in America and pay for them. You offend me! You are not a patriot that’s for sure, nor a follower of what makes our country great and the people that made it so.

    2. @Hankakah You quoted a racist white president who was a womanizer and a Republican puppet who out lived his usefulness to the Republicans. He did not listen to Democratic socialists who got him elected. The rest Like I said he will be erased along with the rest of them.

      The will of the people has spoken. Obvious support of globalization. Forcing the military to swear loyalty to only Biden and globalization.

    3. Half the workforce earns less than $38,000 per year. If you are going to take 30% of that, you leave them with next to nothing. Progressive income tax is the only way to go.

    4. @Hankakah I disagree. Fairest and most efficient tax policies were under Kennedy, and the system was progressive. Where we really went off the rails was in the 1980s.

  6. I have a better idea. We have this in Canada. Simply give monthly Child Benefit checks to parents. Don’t bother with tax credits. Educate yourself on how Child Tax Credits work in your country. Having actual money to help with child-care each month, for those under a certain income level, will lift them up and provide better nutrition and health for the children. I’ve been paying taxes for over 6 decades and I fully support helping those people out, in my country, whether they are citizens or immigrants. It’s called humanitarianism.

  7. Only if u can control how those family spends it. We have tons of families on food stamps yet giving food packs. No one is investigating what is happening that one thousand dollars of food stamps equals an empty refrigerator or pantry

    1. @Constituent A Tennessee and they are the lowest of the low. Tennessee is at the bottom in almost every major category pertaining to children. Education, poverty, healthcare etc. A family of three could get almost over a thousand in food stamps

  8. US billionaires increased their wealth by $1 trillion in the last year during the pandemic.
    But giving every day people a little something to help them feed their kids goes against “American values? 🤔🙄

  9. It won’t help those parents on SSDI/SSI that are disabled and cannot work, because they don’t receive an earned income.

  10. They need to give tax credits for not having children. Less children will also result in less children in poverty and less adults too.

  11. gives a whole new meaning to “blue haired” driving in my lane. i want in that lane. let me in. i dare the reps not to pass this. it would bury them in the upcoming midterms.

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