Delta variant shows the ‘changing the face’ of COVID-19 | Expert on possibility of a fourth wave

University of Manitoba's Jason Kindrachuk says Canada needs to take proactive action to prevent the further spread of the delta variant.

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  1. The only thing the so called experts know is that which they have already planned ahead of time.

    1. yes that’s right. here we go! everyone lockup lockdown! everything will be alright in about 10 years from now🤣🤣🤣

  2. OMG a variant…we are gonna need two weeks of lockdown to flaten the curve…no more hockey games for heaĺthcare workers…because the hospitals will be completely overwhelmed😉

    1. Time to lock yourself in a room again john dont get depressed think of all the money the rich are making

    2. @Joshua Michael You should see the definition of a COVID death used by Ontario and B.C.

      Calling it absurdly broad is an understatement.

  3. Other countries have a travel restriction from regions with high rates of covid such as India and Pakistan. Why Canada doesn’t ? I wonder !

    1. Blackface doesn’t want to be called racist like they did to trump when he shut down travel

  4. Love seeing the down votes on this garbage, and then checking back a day later and the numbers are scrubbed…

  5. Delta variant…

    Next up: Echo, Kappa, Lambda, Omega, Andromeda, Pegasus, Libra and Zappa variants… Every one more “concerning” than the previous.

    By all means! Let’s drudge on with the “proactive” approach… Let’s continue with these draconian lockdowns, measures, restrictions and curfews. Let’s add to the millions who have lost their jobs, the tens of thousands of small businesses that have gone under, and the countless thousands that have died due to ODs, suicides and delays in medical treatment.

    If any of you have ever wondered how dictatorships are born…

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