Delta variant spreading quickly in Peel Region, warns Loh | COVID-19 in Canada

Peel Region's chief medical officer Dr. Lawrence Loh warned that the region could see a fourth wave of COVID-19, sparked by the delta variant.

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    1. Your lack of virology education is obvious.
      Do you understand what the Dunning/ Kruger effect is?

  1. OH here we go , another dame reason to shut down every thing again. Time to get rid of these dame QUACKS!

    1. Yanks are idiots. The death toll there is over 598,000, (more than twice the mortality rate in Canada). Most Yanks really don’t care about spreading the contagion!

    1. The world is a stage..but this show has run it’s course. The next few seasons are going to be intense. Stay tuned!

  2. Year: 2025….omg….run, hide….save yourself….it’s the 12th. wave…..of the evil Covid Covid….. 🙂

    1. Maybe by 2025 Canada will actually get serious about stopping this and start using the inexpensive and safe treatments that no one is allowed to talk about. Just kidding, we know better, that might save lives and that isn’t the goal is it. Criminal!

  3. Delta variant…

    Next up: Echo, Kappa, Lambda, Omega, Andromeda, Pegasus, Libra and Zappa variants… Every one more “concerning” than the previous.

    1. @John Smith Delta brainwaves (1-3 Hz) are the slowest, highest amplitude brain waves, and are what we experience when we are asleep.

  4. And how’s that lockdown working out? Not great by the look of things. Considering some countries.

  5. The Indian variant isn’t spreading. wheres the terrifying antarctic strain now that’s a killer

  6. Stay tuned as Trudeau continues to kiss China’s backside, while calliing Canadians racists.

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