Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN and addresses his absence

Jeffrey Toobin returned to CNN as the network's chief legal analyst on Thursday, eight months after he exposed himself during a Zoom call with colleagues at The New Yorker.
Toobin was interviewed by anchor Alisyn Camerota on "CNN Newsroom" about that incident, and about recent legal news.
"I feel like we should address what's happened in the months since we've seen you," Camerota said. She summarized the situation and said, "To quote Jay Leno, 'What the hell were you thinking?'"
Toobin described himself as a "flawed human being who makes mistakes" and said his conduct was "deeply moronic and indefensible."
He added, "I didn't think other people could see me," but he admitted that was no defense.
In the interview, Toobin expressed apologies to his wife and family, to the people who were on the Zoom call that day, and to his colleagues.
"And I'm sorry to the people who read my work and who watched me on CNN who thought I was a better person than this. And so, you know, I got a lot to rebuild, but I feel very privileged and very lucky that I'm going to be able to try to do that," he said.
Toobin said he has spent his "miserable months" off-air "trying to be a better person."
He mentioned "therapy;" public service like working a food bank; and a forthcoming book about the Oklahoma City bombing.
"I am trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again," he said.
Going forward, Toobin will be back on CNN regularly in his chief legal analyst role, a spokesman confirmed. Toobin said he was "incredibly grateful" to continue working at the network.
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  1. Everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes. I hope everyone else can be human and forgive the error he made.

    1. Over half a million Americans died because of Dr Fauci, human error, mistake, forgive………. nah!

    2. Eduardo Oliveira – You’ve got a picture of Trump on your bathroom wall that you toobin to, don’t you? Probably next to a picture of shirtless Putin on a horse.

  2. Welcome back, you did something stupid that was obviously a mistake. I think CNN suspension was appropriate and glad to have your legal analysis back.

    1. Eduardo Oliveira – You’ve got a picture of Trump on your bathroom wall that you toobin to, don’t you? Probably next to a picture of shirtless Putin on a horse.

  3. Who cares he should win an award for it. Why cower now, whoever told in him should’ve been fired for violating his trust, assuming it wasn’t intentional

  4. It’s great to see Jeff Toobin back at CNN! He made a benign human error that should be forgiven…w/o shame or bound by guilt. Careless? Sure, ok but in no way does this represent the totality of his good character.

  5. There are a lot worse things that people have done and are doing the b this world. Welcome back. An RN in Hawaii.

    1. As another RN in Pittsburgh, welcome back as well!! I have missed your input at CNN where you are a vital part and I hope you continue to.

  6. So because hes an idiot and left his zoom on he needed to become “a better person”? I like that he apologized though.

    1. Yes, because he felt he needed to become a better person. He handled this interview with dignity, considering how embarrassing the incident was

  7. His crime was he got caught, in a really embarrassing situation & that’s it. Had he done it on purpose that would be another story, but he didn’t.

  8. He’s only guilty of being human. I mean, talk about cancel culture. I’m glad CNN had the moral courage to allow Toobin back.

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