Democratic Members Of Congress Call For $34 billion In Global Vaccination Aid 1

Democratic Members Of Congress Call For $34 billion In Global Vaccination Aid


With plenty of supply, the United States has struggled to get vaccines into the arms of Americans. That’s not the situation in low income countries, where less than 1% of the population is vaccinated. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), one congressmember who’s calling for $34 billion in global vaccine aid, says “it’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do.”
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    1. @albert mooney There is no “eradicating” COVID-19. It appears every time things get back to normal a “new variant” will miraculously appear and individuals such as yourself will eat it up. Alot of Democrats but also including turtle neck McConnell are already talking about shutting down again.

    2. @Paul Coleman
      they also said flattening the curve would take a couple of weeks. but that only works when people do their due diligence, which a large portion of america hasnt. you want this thing to be over but dont want to do the work to make that happen.

    3. @albert mooney in other words, you follow and believe the lying media…. Do you think for yourself at all?

    4. @evan doe
      so we should have just ignored covid and dont nothing? just go on with life nothing to see here.

    1. Or go to prison, without a court date or representation like a few hundred others who are FAR less a criminal threat than these career criminal grifters.

  1. So Biden wants to give other countries 34 billion.. while he destroys American economics.

    sounds legit.

    1. @Bucksball spoken like someone who doesnt know what inflation is…

      what did you pay at the gas pumps this morning Mr Greenspan?

    2. @Bucksball lol! You realize every time anyone has ever said that it was followed by a “crisis” event. Wake up dude. Check back from 2000 and look at the data you just said. When unemployment is under 5% it’s followed by a massive spike up. Sure you’ll say but it’s because of xyz. But in reality, the ones running the show do this on purpose, when things look great and everything is going well they need to level things off by making it difficult , when everyone has lost everything that’s when they turn on the printer and make sure they can’t get it back.

  2. For 6.6 billion we could house every single homeless american family in the country. Let’s help ourselves before we rush off to bankruptcy helping the rest of the world.

    1. What message does that send that if you don’t work the federal government will come and rescue you

    2. @albert mooney all that does in terms of universal healthcare and free college is teach people to be lazy and not to work

    3. @Airbus I take your point but, the reality is the US could easily afford to do both, at the same time. No need to do one or the other. And no need to do one THEN the other. It could just fund both if it wanted to, and plenty more besides. The difficulty is in gathering the political will, not coming up wit the money.

      For example, the US spends well-north of $700 billion every year just on Defense, and nobody gives it a second thought* in terms of whether we can afford it or not. Against that figure, 6.6 billion, or twice that, or 34 billion is a drop in the bucket.

      *and before anyone mischievously claims I want to reduce the defense budget and therefore I am hitler or a hippy or whatever, I don’t advocate that at all. The words I wrote are the words I mean.

    4. ​@David Warren Absolutely! 6.6B, 34B or whatever amount of money they used shouldn’t just go to other countries. I was trying to clear up a point they were making. You expanded your side and I fully understand and agree with what you mean now.

    5. @BearRonaldo Pro better that the federal government rescues Americans rather than the rest of the world, America first.

  3. We need to stop spending billions on other countries and shut down international travel for as long as it takes! Close the boarders and give the billions to the Americans that are struggling!

    1. Agree. We have shut down immigration (which Congress is legally entitled to do) many time in our history, which gives immigrants a chance to assimilate over several generations. We need to do it again, especially in the face of all the illegal breaking and entering that is going on at our southern border.

    2. We are helping Americans… we have stockpiles of vaccine for our citizens. They don’t want the vaccines, so we may as well give them to others as to not waste/expire them.

    3. @8th ban of 2021 – you people are weak
      a majority of americans support universal healthcare, free college, higher minimum wage, infrastructure reform, etc.

      just reduce taxes to zero and end any government programs, im sure that wont cause any problems. weird how right wingers and libertarians arent for defunding the military when its funded by taxpayers just like “socialism programs” would be.

    1. @Gonzo I guess I have to spell it out for you. Big pharma wants more money and power. Hence the push for everyone in the world to get “vaccinated”.

    2. Yeah, and pharmaceutical companies cant make money off ivermectin so they keep discrediting that along with the hydroxychloraquine zinc cocktail.

  4. Why is it on us??? Let them procure their own through licensing, development, etc. Also, most don’t realize, we are on the Kappa variant already. Delta, beside the original variant, is the worst. Most are doing little to no impact. Why won’t the government, CDC, tell us the truth about breakthrough cases??

  5. Another example of why the criminal infested swamp that is our Federal Government needs to be drained and people holding office need to be jailed for theft.

    1. donald trump is the swamp, literally. roger stone, rick gates, george p, michael cohen, michael flynn, steve bannon, tom barrack, paul mannafort all have found themselves in legal trouble in connection to their relationship with trump.

    2. @Bucksball Donald Trump never took pay for his service and no one could buy him out like your perfect King Biden.

    3. @Bucksball keep letting your masters dictate your thoughts- you’re a perfect sheep!!
      P.S.- You may try to do a little RESEARCH(aka critical thinking) . Although I’m not sure it helps you & your ilk as indoctrinated as you are.

    1. Not again. You really have been brainwashed. If anti vaxxers don’t want the vaccine then give them to those that do. The whole world benefits except maybe those in red states.

    1. I love when people who are clearly clueless to how things work self aggrandizing and poising themselves as intellectuals, bro you sound like you kiss your dad on the lips and wear Velcro shoes

    2. America is a tax haven for the rich. That is why poverty exist there. There is no excuse for any American citizen to be hungry and homeless, but politics stop that from happening. America is now the next third world country due to selfishness of the rich that control your government. Americans do not want to uplift the poor, that is not their agenda.

    3. Homelessness is not a highly contagious disease, that travels internationally in a couple of days or weeks, and shuts down our economy, schools, healthcare system…
      Let’s see how many homeless people will have after the covid eviction moratorium expires… I’m sure that’s going to be a ton of people, so that’s gonna be another fun fact that we’ll have to address. In the meantime, everyone has to be vaccinated so we can get back to some sort of normalcy.

  6. Blinken, Biden are all empty words and no action. These poor countries can’t wait anymore. Blinken, Biden actions needed!

  7. They should spend a couple of hundred dollars for White House vaccination aid. We learned from Jen and her most recent press conference that the White House has not mandated staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19. This was absolutely shocking.

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