1. I’m an Alabama Dem and he lost us the moment he voted for William Barr’s confirmation. He’s actually a good man that convicted the Klansmen that killed the four little girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church. Since his barely there election victory over a racist homophobic pedophile his days were numbered. Even though republicans in down here are still pissed off at Sessions, he’s going to be Senator again. Doug Jones let us Alabama Dems down.

    2. Pound The Pavement Lol! Well, this is Alabama so let’s break it down. Roy Moore is running again, never mind all that inappropriate predator behavior. Jeff Sessions is running, even though Conservative Christian Republicans are calling him a traitor. Tommy Tuberville is running for the Senate. He was the head coach for Auburn that handed Alabama five straight losses. He’s a trump fluffer that despises the LBGTQ community and thinks climate change is a big fat lie. I’m an Auburn fan, so this hurt me. But Alabama fans down here will not vote for him, no matter what, because of those five consecutive losses Against Alabama. He’s been on conservative talk radio shows down here and Bama fans have told him face to face they won’t vote for him-no matter how much he supports trump. Our republican controlled state is the worst state to live in if you want to have healthcare, a home, food, medicine and a good education. So that’s Alabama and our Christian Conservative Leaders. Sucks, don’t it? Merry Xmas fellow traveler!

    1. Audio Sane Yes. It’s awesome that they are bailing. People are waking up ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️

  1. “Is he going to vote his conscience or his district”. How can you say this with a straight face? So voting the way his district that he represents is going against his conscience? Or is it because it goes against CNN’s agenda. Fake news garbage.

  2. A picture tells a million words… The associations of Donald Trump

    Everybody knows history can’t repeat itself but wouldn’t it be ironic if it could. Hitler was revered as a messenger of God, he gave people jobs and he came up with his own spirit in a book he wrote Mein Kampf. What if someone was to be elected as president of the United States (superpower to the world), proclaimed by the Baptist Church (Franklin Graham) to be a hand of God, and have a spiritual following called evangelist (American made free spirits on Harley-Davidson’s) that some could interpret as avenging Angels for God. Let’s say this man also has control of the news, has his own public relations (Fox) run by this man Joseph Goebbels, Stephen Miller, or Bill O’Reilly who used public relations to get this man elected in the first place (I get confused when it comes to names and who still has a job). All this man would have to say is that a good guy with a gun should kill a bad guy with a gun and his followers couldn’t help but want to be a patriot (nationalist) to feel good choosing to be a good guy killing the bad guy. I know this is too stupid to ever really happened but wouldn’t it be funny if it ever did? Could you ever imagine someone sending pipe bombs in the mail trying to split a hair between the words Democrat and democracy?… Give me a break, it couldn’t ever happen, the Hells Angels (the good Baptists and TV reality stars) riding their Harley Davidson’s wouldn’t let it happen. They are constitutionalists believing in the Second Amendment helping out the police like they did at Woodstock (A well regulated Militia being protected by the Second Amendment). People just don’t come any more peaceful than this when it comes to religion and the flag.

    PS. Isn’t it scary when someone claims to know the difference between a good guy and a bad guy… Hitler hated the Jews and look what happened! Thank God the Word Democrat (coming out of the word democracy) is just a figment of the imagination living in meaning with alternative facts in mind with the chosen few (the 1% club) who know the difference. Thank God the citizens of America are too intelligent to ever elect a president to make laws and appoint judges that wasn’t moral enough to do his job.

  3. Of course, he lives in Alabama. He’s worried he may lose his seat to Roy Moore, which tells you everything you need to know about the voters in Alabama.

    1. Dumbass ..he’s going to get crushed by Sessions. It doesn’t matter what Jones does. He has 13 more months. Period.

    1. @Richard Laub
      Voting against this attempted coup WOULD be Constitutional, because this BS “impeachment” certainly isn’t!

  4. Just make sure he loses his seat at the next election. ‘Democrats’ who put their own political future before America in a matter like this are no better than Republicans who do the same thing. They all need to go.

  5. You have to remember… Jones lives in ruby red Alabama.
    It’s not like it makes a difference since the Republicans control the Senate & won’t put partisanship aside. He also has his election to worry about since Roy Moore is running again.

    1. @Austin Giguere Funny, considering that your party impeached a POTUS just because he lied about his sex life. What Trump is doing is way worse and you know it.

    2. “He was credibly accused of sexual assault by several women,” Bullington said. “He’s currently engaged in multiple lawsuits and seems to be losing. His name identification has largely a negative connotation. He has trouble fixing his taxes right,” Bullington added, referring to the reported failure of Moore’s former charity, the Foundation for Moral Law, to disclose half a million dollars of compensation to him. “His lawyer was arrested on drug charges,” Bullington went on. (The lawyer in question, Trenton Garmon, has denied any wrongdoing.) “He has lost three statewide campaigns. And he was removed from the bench multiple times.”

    3. @Austin Giguere partisanship ? in what way ? Democrats did not have any power since 2016 – what sort of “partisanship” are you talking about ? I am not an American, but I can see insane Republican partisanship all the way since Obama got elected and to this day. I don’t see “partisanship” from Democrats, they even pushed Franken to leave

    4. He needs to remember who put him in office, kissing GOP arse will not get him anywhere! All it will do is turn his base against him.

  6. Doug Jones I do agree you must be sure before you convict. However, there is quite a bit of information that is very hard to ignore already. So, I hope you take that into consideration as well.

  7. Here you go, they all desperately wants to stay in the job at the cost of constitution, very sick, this is by means limited to one party. Now you know why other party is in this situation. This is sickening and very wrong.

  8. Sounds like the vote against impeachment will be bipartisan in the Senate… just like the vote against impeachment in the house was bipartisan… democrats voting for Trump.

    1. I totally agree, there will be a bi-partisan majority vote to aquit….resulting in total EXHONNERATION !!! Happy New Year CNN !!!

  9. It amazes me for these politicians that believe if they vote against the interest of their constituents they will get elected. Macaskill, Heidkamp, etc., all learned it does not work.
    Watch Collins, Gardner, Tillis, etc., and other senators in difficult races will not vote against a Republican predident. Doubtful they will lose because of it. It is a Democratic talking point and few really believe it.

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