1. Republicans don’t want elections as demonstrated by their behavior for the last 6 months. They want their theocratic oligarchy!

    1. @Bill Williams Maybe so. Defend your party. Seditionist orange republicans will be pushed aside though.

  2. If Democrats don’t pass H.R.1, it will be the biggest mistake that they will have ever made. Also, they need to add more judges to the SCOTUS. The more, the better. This is a battle for our democracy. Give no quarter.

    1. @Hyperpandas ok sorry I lost track of what you were referring to. As I responded to what I had commented on last

    2. @Paul Wilson It’s both, bud. You’ve effectively said an orange isn’t a fruit… it’s food.

    3. @Paul Wilson it’s a republic based on democratic principles (of the people, by the people, for the people). And yes if it were a true democracy the trumpubliqanon GQP would be reduced in power as democrats outnumber them.

  3. Don’t engage with trolls. They are like seagulls. The more you feed them, the more they hang around. Besides, you can’t reason with them. They have made up their mind & it’s behind a very thick, closed door with a gigantic padlock on it. Just imagine them sitting at their computer, fingers poised to type more rubbish, & no-one responds to them.

    1. Sandra Simpson
      I agree. God forbid you want to try and prove them wrong and just keep your mouth shut and prove them right 😀

    2. @Ash Roskell Reality check — Hillary was probably the most corrupt politician ever to seek the presidency. Her rap sheet is just too long to list here. Disgraced, former FBI director, James Comey worked in league with the Obama gang and his deep state buddies in the attempt to frame President Trump and his associates for conspiring with Russians. It was a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the President. – They should be in jail. The 2020 election was stolen. China had a hand in it. BLM is a Marxist revolutionary group using the ‘racial injustice’ issue as their cover story.

    1. No we already see Oregon style policing and governing as seen in Portland. Yall can keep all that in your state 🤣

    2. @zencat999 I live in Oregon. All elections, local, state and federal, are vote by mail. Every registered voter automatically gets a ballot in the mail. We can drop off at any of many drop boxes around town or send it back through the post office. 20 years of safe and secure voting in Oregon. We are not the only state that has 100% vote by mail. PS you are brave to scuba in the cold ocean up here!

    3. I’m an Oregonian but at home anywhere in the west. The system here is very good. We vote on everything by mail and that means I vote for or against everything voteable.

    4. @K Momzilla November 7, 2000, 21 years and counting, never anyf fraud. And Republicans were instrumental in passing the law. It’s just common sense.

  4. Let’s take advantage of this moment in time and opportunity of a lifetime to turn from the abyss of hopelessness and dispair we’ve stared into for the last 4 yrs. We shall take the path less traveled. A path which will allow all Americans to have a seat at the table and prosper. Let’s get it done!

    1. Hahaha Except you forget Republicans are largely crazy conspiracy theorists, radicalized extremists, and religious zealots who would prefer to see Trump as dictator than live in a democracy. How you plan on working WITH them?

  5. The mere fact they’re allowed to carry out this audit in AZ with no evidence of voter fraud demonstrates the massive flaws in the US democratic system. Which other democracy in the world allows this

    1. @fred smith I am not ignoring anything, as I stated this is an abuse of democratic institutions. Like I believe this crap of stolen elections. All that matters is those in charge allow it to go ahead.

  6. Yes finally they’re underatanding. Biden needs to pass the HR1whatever the cost, or we will lose all hope in this coutry if the trump traitors take control.

    1. Joseph Keeler
      well it depends on which half of “WE THE PEOPLE” you land on . The left or the right. Please don’t think Everyone thinks like you. We stop being “WE THE PEOPLE” when politics began LOL Now we are “WE THE PEOPLE” on either the left or the right. Those in the middle are the No voice minority.

    2. @Alex Hamiltonnotice I did not specify a side. I’m pretty sure some on both sided would agree. Everyone needs to care about it.

  7. Every facility in every town that big enough to host the vote checking teams should simply say ‘No!’.

    1. @Paul Wilson Not at all but that $150,000 cost could build at least 10 homes for the homeless.

    2. @Margaret Nicol
      If the government was worried about our homeless then why aren’t the securing our borders?
      Everyone of those illegal immigrants have Biden shirts on saying he told them to come. We are giving them all homes and food and medical but leave our American people with nothing.

    3. @Margaret Nicol
      I also wanted to add that a 5000 dollar shed was built to help illegal immigrants
      But the government didnt negotiate any content price with the companies building them and they are charging 60 thousand. Shaking my head. Where is the extra money going for that?
      5 thousand dollar item being sold and marked up to 60 thousand and being accepted by our government. Shaking my head what idiots

    4. @James Rhoades Who is leaving the American people with nothing? The immigrants or the governments? What did Trump do you help you during the past 4 years? What did he do to help the homeless? How many homes did he build? There is no America without immigrants. It would collapse in a heap.

    1. I’ve been in Oregon more than twenty years. This is the way! We vote for everything and we have the time to consider carefully. As an Oregonian I’ve never had doubt that my vote counted, that my vote is important and that my vote was wanted.

  8. It is not adding to “their” narrative, if we make their fake election recounts into “irresponsible wasting of donors money”.
    That changes the narrative into the Republicans conning their constituents, and there is a narrative that is not only truthful, but beneficial to all.
    Simply start telling them to stop wasting these poor peoples money! Make it a campaign: “stop the Republican scam!”

  9. The GOP has lost their Moral way. They are Disingenuous at everything. There are very few Truthful GOP. McCartney and Graham have lost their minds into believing Trump is the way. GOP needs to be smacked down so hard that it changes their behaviors.

    1. “GOP needs to be smacked down so hard that it changes their behaviors.” ahh so dems ARE authoritarians…

    2. You do know all the GOP is wanting is to require a form of government identification to prove you are who you say you are and that you have a valid status as a citizen to cast a vote in the first place.. In no way is requiring an identification making it harder to vote for abyone. To assume its harder for minorities to get an I.d. is in fact racist on your part. And the value for minorities who are legal voters is to ensure their 1 legal vote isnt cancelled out from 1 illegal vote. I dont see how that is wrong in ant way or what you Democrat loyalists dont understand about what they are doing? It isn’t just them legalizing cancelling our votes out by not requiring ballot legitimacy, its them cancelling out your votes too, and we want that protected fot all American citizens to know that every vote was cast by a verified, universal standard form of citizenship verification? Being a citizen to vote is how the constitution needs to remain… Theyre taking your rights out from under you so clearly and through pitting you against anyone that votes different than you when the truth is that is perfectly okay.. We dont want a system that only favors ane verifies accuracy for Republican ballots, we want it for your votes to be 1 man 1 vote the same as ours? Your submission isnt hurting the GOP or citizens who prefer their policy, your willingness to not Even question anything they’rE saying and suggesting shows they already convinced you of believing that your best interests are what they have in mind… Yet they lied to you about fracking, About raising taxes, about the vorder, and there is evidence of their disrespect towards you if you’d just take the time to question both sides anf then form a non partisan, educated decision for your self instead of being naive in believing they won’t betray you. Dont think for one second any of us who supported Donald Trump weren’t concerned about allegations against him… The ONLY difference was we looked at the factual evidence ourselves before blindly believing an allegation. If the best testimony they have to offer you as proof to impeach a sittint President is allegations and speculation, understand the difference between those 2 and something being true hc had you done ant researcg yourself or listened to hearings, democrats never made one actual solid connection and it was all based on someone saying they heard from someone that heard something…. That is not proof of guilt… It was also strange every time a story broke saying trump did something, the truth pointed out that they were the ones who had engaged in their allegations against trump, perfect example is quid pro quo in regardto Ukraine…. the ones Joe Biden is on video admittiing he did that unless the prosecutor who was investigating his son in a Ukrainian corruption crackdown was fired…. Why do you think that is? It isnt because donald trump lied to you or me, it was because they wanted to strip him of even being heard so the active effort could be using huge smokescreens like impeachment trials could manipulate moderate democrats and radicalize you by creating a mislead distrust in the ONLY person who was trying to get someone held accountable for their 2016 campaign committing acts that would get you put in guantanmo for conspiring against the United states, unless you were with their side then they’d cover for you while lying about what they did and projecting their guilt as Trump’s to stay ahead of the investigations that were taking place against them to legitimize trumps counterclaim and every single one of you bought it when all you had to do was look at it yourself and stop thinking they’re telling you the truth same as thinking Republicans weren’t and then youd see things as is instead of how they want you tosee them. We are not your enemies, we’re your neighbors and fellow americans and all we have fought for is for people to make informed decisions with facts. The rights they violate of conservatives arent just our rights, theyre yours too. And once they silence our voices and free ability to resist dictation and protect liberties, they’ll be silencing any of yours that disagree with any part of their plans as the govt.

    3. Why do you think they have to change the Supreme Court and remove the filibuster? Why do you think they’ve done nothing for the border crisis and threats from that? So they can work behind your back while you’re unaware and busy being told that the border isn’t a crisis when really the biden administration restricted access of the press from gaining accesd to be able to show you the truth, not only lying to you and manipulating you. But also breaking his oath of office the moment he. Refused the press access, restricting YOUR rights to a free press, completely unchecked and tyrannical, and you gave us the resistance for standing up for you. that freedom of the press is for us to be able to hold the government accountable, not for it to keep accountability of us and what we believe. So the tools the constitution provides us as a safety net against tyranny ensure our constitutional rights remain for all not just who we agree with. They know removing the filibuster will allow their passing of whatever they wish, and aftwe packing the supreme court in their favor, guarantee it coming into law, completely ignoring checks and balances and all other branches of govt that prevent one branch from having too much power to protect our Republic from authoritarian regimes so thst the constitution and founding principles of liberty and freedoms and power of the people, by the people, for the people remains in the decisions of ALL OF US. they are forcibly suppressing opposition, textbook fascism, and pointing the finger the other way like the peiple who tap you on your right shoulder when they’re behind you on your left just to make you look. Stop looking where they want you to look and start asking what arent they wanting you to seeor hear or believe and genuinely research everything you find thst challenges what they’re wanting you to believe without any factual standards, just speculations,allegations, accusations, and hearsay, which are ALL not matters of fact until due process, and guilt is PROVEN. If youre basing your belief in dems based on lack of republicans proof of innocence, youre exactly the problem for not even beijg enough of a free thinking individual to see proof of guilt against the ones lying to you bc their state ran media has brainwashed your ability to determine what is credible based on fact and now control your way of thinking and did it so openly you never once even thougt they were doing what they are actually doing and lying about their motive. When voices that stand against them are silenced, they Will come for yours. And when theyy do, we wont be there anymore to help you help yourselves… Just know we tried to help you see, but in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. I hope you all decide to take back your individualities and just explore the possibility that what im saying is possibly true and rationally and consistent with why theyre doing the things they’re doing like removing a former president’s 1st amendment rights to silence the largest threat against them so the truth and their roles didn’t get exposed and they could gain power by a series of actiins that would allow them to gain all branches of govt as majorities by having you hate trump for. The things they said he did but I can honestly say i was thankfully proven wrong About trump when i had doubted him or wondered if something would prove to be true and every time I lear ed through repetitive and similar results, trump told me the truth. I gave him my support after. Listened to his allegations against democrats. Hoped they weren’t true, have to give the same courtesy of due process and keeping in mind accusations are not factual or compelling, I always gave them the same benefit of doubt . but every single thing I was told about Democrat over reach, control, corruption, interference, propaganda, violations, disregard for law and rights, bribery, workijg with foreign assets for their services with foreign nations and even a few instances I personally believe warrant treason, espionage, or Coersion and put our national security at risk. The ONLY media that ain’t gonna let you hear those verifiable facts about what i just said being true is the networks that democrats have been controlling and don’t allow for opposing viewpoints to claim against their views on their networks bc they know you doubt conservative media’s relisbility and either won’t believe them, or won’t even entertain the idea of conservatives having told the truth and been warning you. Its the perfect Trojan horse for an authoritarian regime looking to hide in plain sight and use state ran propaganda and sources of information to manipulate the flow of information damaging to their agenda by misrepresenting or censoring opposing views through biased “fact check” warnings specificslly designed to claim any opposing view as false and misleading to prevent election integrity from being questioned by many. using tools fromnthe very same tech companies they take money from in a joint effort to filter content and reports backing GOP claims as true, and completely lying to Americans about Republican intent and commitment to ensuring election was honest and accurate, and spin them as trying to steal an election and having zero evidence, which was untrue. Gop requesting hearings and support for an immediate bipartisan investigation to guarantee the integrity of the election and make sure the winner would be the rightful victor and restore public confidence that the right President took office and people on either side could embrace the results and accept them whether trump has actually lost or whether the claims there were enough to change results are true or not, Dems and Supreme court, by refusal to even hear the case and either intentionally avoided hearing the case so as not to politicize the court that trump had just turned to conservative majority ,and would have been seen as a
      Major conflict of interest, or if they didn’t realize by not making a judgment and ruling or even bothering to hear the case, they denied all 75 million who voted trump their constitutional right to vote by not investigating substantial claims, eye witnesses, and thousands of affidavits from citizens all over reporting mishandling and witnessing voter fraud that had by then been able to prove enough unlawful votes to potentially change election results leaving a large possibility thay trump was most llikely telling the truth. Again. Republicans just wanted honest and accurate outcomes in our elections, and if you got anything else out of their statements About it than wanting the honest results, you’re 1; supporting denial of civil rights simply bc it wasn’t you that lost, which in turn is also denying your self the integrity of your vote. 2, you don’t understand, support, or care About preserving the constitution and making sure it is being universally applied regardless of how you voted. And 3; you’re a follower and have zero problem doing your own thinking which is why yo will willingly give up your rights if you don’t pay attention to something potentially fatal to oir country for yourself, you will regrettably and unknowingly have lost your only protections to freely stand against the fascist administration that is lying to your face and partnering with corporate giants to systematically prevent you from coming across information that is contradictory to thge belief they need you to have in order to maintain influence and control opinion

  10. I like the idea of them letting a panda loose, and if it eats any ballots, they’re obviously made of bamboo.

  11. No matter what they say, Repubicans will not vote for this bill. I do wish the Dems would get a clue.

    1. We have more than a clue. We have the Senate the House and the Presidency. GOP will get steamrolled in three, two, one….🗽🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  12. If they want to stick together in their lie, let this whole mess be thrown from government like dirty fly paper.

  13. They can not hold the country hostage with their insane lies, and expect to salvage anything from their (so-called) honorable service.

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